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Veteran Washington Post reporter Howard Kurtz '75 moves to The Daily Beast

October 06, 2010

Howard Kurtz '75, a longtime media and investigative reporter for The Washington Post and the host of CNN's "Reliable Sources," has left The Post for The Daily Beast, where he will serve as Washington bureau chief.

In this new role, Kurtz will oversee the two-year-old site's coverage of the capital and will report and write regularly on politics, media and the intersection of the two. He will continue to host "Reliable Sources," the longest-running media show on television.

"Throughout his 29 years at The Post, Howie has taught us all how the medium is the message, marshalling fresh evidence not just daily but hourly about the powerhouses, personalities and opinion-shapers of the media world," wrote Washington Post editors in a memo to the paper's staff. "Applying intelligence, creativity and an endless well of sources, Howie single-handedly has defined this huge sector, whether he was communicating in newsprint, in books, online or on television. His Media Notes franchise has become the indispensable authority on the players and companies in the center, by definition, of the national debate."

Kurtz is the author of five books, including The New York Times bestseller "Spin Cycle: Inside the Clinton Propaganda Machine." The Washington Post veteran previously covered Congress and the Justice Department and has also served as the paper’s New York bureau chief. He is a winner of the National Press Club Award for Media Criticism.

"I have great respect for Howard as a journalist and news breaker, but I admire him most of all for his understanding of media and politics as the story of our era," said Tina Brown, editor in chief of The Daily Beast. "He is that rare reporter with a metabolism that outpaces the frenetic subjects he covers. I am excited that he will be a driving force in The Daily Beast's coverage of this upcoming midterm election and for many election cycles to come."

In a press release, Kurtz said, "I've wanted to work with Tina Brown forever - well, for a long time - and I'm incredibly impressed by the energy and creativity of The Daily Beast staff. After a lifetime in newspapers, I'm ready for the challenge of fast-paced online journalism."

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