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SPJ names four alumni 'journalists to follow' on Twitter

June 15, 2010

Cohn, Garber, Lavrusik and Sreenivasan (clockwise from top left)

Quill, a magazine produced by the Society of Professional Journalists, has released a list of "a bunch of cool journalists and innovators" whom we should follow on Twitter. Four Columbia Journalism School alumni — David Cohn '08, Megan Garber '07, Vadim Lavrusik '10 and Sree Sreenivasan '93 — made the cut.

The feature includes a Q&A with each digital journalist, who weighs in on issues like crowd sourcing and citizen journalism. Here's what our alumni said are the most important issues facing contemporary journalism.

  • David Cohn '08 (founder of "Transparency around the process of journalism. If journalism is to become more participatory, then we must also become more transparent so the public can be involved at every step."
  • Megan Garber '07 (assistant editor at the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University): "Collaboration versus competition: How do we leverage the best aspects of both approaches to journalism, both as individual news outlets and as a singular informational ecosystem?"
  • Vadim Lavruski '10 (social media manager, Mashable): "The business model, of course. But more importantly, experimenting with new forms of revenue and transitioning from legacy business models. Secondly, figuring out a format for providing contextual journalism on the Web. Online journalism lacks context, and there is a lot of noise out there. Overall, embracing the renaissance we are experiencing in journalism. It's an exciting time."
  • Sree Sreenivasan '93 (dean of student affairs, Columbia Journalism School): "The search for effective, sustainable business models, especially for Web journalism."

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