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David Cho '06 awarded for economic reporting

January 15, 2009

David Cho '06 at the 33rd anniversary celebration of the Knight-Bagehot Fellowship

David Cho '06 received the "Best of Knight-Bagehot" award for journalistic excellence for his coverage of the credit crisis, which appeared in The Washington Post, during the 33rd anniversary celebration of the Knight-Bagehot Fellowship.

"[David's] front-page stories on the end of the private equity boom, student loans, municipal bonds, corporate bonds and small banks accurately predicted the problems that later developed in each of these areas," said Terri Thompson, director of the Knight-Bagehot Fellowship, as she presented the award.

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Steve Forbes delivered the keynote address at the annual fundraising dinner, which was held at the Marriott Marquis on Nov. 3, 2008. Footage from the event is now online.


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