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J-School Student Clip Report: November

November 18, 2011

Columbia Journalism School students are turning their classwork into clips and even doing additional freelance work on the side. Here is a collection of their published work from late October and November.

  • Oct. 28: Daniel Medina '12 produced an audio-slideshow and accompanying article about the Occupy Wall Street movement's march uptown to the homes of the five richest New Yorkers that was published by the Huffington Post.
  • Oct. 29: Brian Browdie '12 wrote for the New York Daily News about a spoof video by Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman's daughters, the GOP candidates' favorite movies, and the return of Joe the Plumber (Oct. 27).
  • Oct. 29: Theodoric Meyer '12 and Jason Slotkin '12 inked a story for the New York Times City Blog about the closing of the Rising Dragon Chelsea Tattoo Company in the Chelsea Hotel.
  • Nov. 1: Brian Browdie '12 continued his campaign coverage for the NYDN, reporting on an "unusually expressive" speech by Rick Perry in New Hampshire.
  • Nov. 1: Charu Kasturi '12 reported for the Manhattan Times from the corner of 159th Street and Edgecombe Avenue: Joe Louis Plaza?
  • Nov. 2: Jasmeet Sidhu '12 wrote about the reopening of beloved Bainbridge Bakery, as well as the mysterious death of 25-year-old Bronx man Kennedy Brown, for the Bronx Times.
  • Nov. 2: Billy Shannon '12 covered a big real estate deal for the New York Daily News, the potential sale of Langston Hughes' landmark Harlem brownstone.
  • Nov. 3: Liz Dilt '12 wrote about the struggles of gay Indian men coming out to their families, related in a new documentary "I Am," for the Queens Chronicle.
  • Nov. 6: Hristina Tisheva '12 produced two videos from the start of the New York City Marathon for the Bronx Times: one about cleaning up, and one about cheering.
  • Nov. 7: Jasmeet Sidhu '12 with more: a story and photo about an agressive middle school tutoring initiative on the cover of the Norwood News, and a piece about a good ruling for a Bronx mom for the New York Daily News.
  • Nov. 7: Sharyn Jackson '12 is on the cover again. A piece that started in the 800 Words and Audio Skills classes -- about an 81-year-old perennial candidate in Hudson County -- became a longer piece for the front page of the Star-Ledger.
  • Nov. 8: Liz Dilt '12 refueled with Ethiopian champions of the New York City Marathon Firehiwot Dado and Buzunesh Deba for the Bronx Times.
  • Nov. 10: Gerren Gaynor '12 reported on Al Sharpton, Charles Rangel, and the "Stand for Freedom" campaign for News One.
  • Nov. 15: Wyatt Marshall '12 looked at the new trend of "hybrid stores" on the Lower East Side for the The Lo-Down, a local news website.
  • Nov. 16: Brian Browdie '12 is back for the New York Daily News, publishing stories on a "Pin-Ups for Ron Paul" 2012 calendar, and Obama's slamming of tobacco companies over new warnings.
  • Nov. 18: Marc Weinreich '12 covered "Harlem's Million Dollar Environmental Battle" for water-related projects for the Black Star News.

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Students: If you've published work, please send your clips to Miriam Beyer, Web Editor (, for inclusion in this digest and communication on the Journalism School's social media sites.


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