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J-School Student Clip Report: January

February 13, 2012

Columbia Journalism School students are turning their classwork into clips and even doing additional freelance work on the side. Here is a collection of their published work from late December and January.

  • Dec. 13: Jenny Rogers '12 reported on the formation of a coalition to reform Brooklyn's Housing Court for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Eagle online archives are under construction).
  • Dec. 22: Laura J. Keller '12 and Lars Vercelli '12 produced a video about police arrest data of students that was published by the New York Times blog SchoolBook.
  • Dec. 28: An investigation by Jasmeet Sidhu '12, Bianca Consunji '12 and Carl V. Lewis '12 on toxins found at P.S. 51 in the Bronx was published in a feature article by City Limits magazine.
  • Dec. 30: Scott Eidler '12 dove into the subject of #problems in "Twitter's 'White Girl Problems' equal parts therapy, humor" for the Washington Post Sunday Styles section.
  • January/February issue: Gloria Dawson '12 wrote about a new wine store and wine bar in Harlem for the magazine Edible Manhattan. Also, Dawson's piece for The Brooklyn Ink, "Fun with Food: How Do or Dine Restaurant Does It," was cited in the New York Times Diner's Journal blog on Jan. 17.
  • Jan. 2: Sharyn Jackson's '12 October story for the Santa Fe Reporter about a fly-in abortion provider prompted the piece's subject, Dr. X, to win Jezebel's Woman of the Year for 2011.
  • Jan. 11: Max Seddon '12 and Olivia Waxman '12 did Ellroy and Austin proud, contributing #McBook Titles that were compiled in a "best of" list by the New York Daily News. And, Max Seddon's '12 review of Polish artist Jerzy Janiszewski's solo exhibition in D.C. was published by Artforum in the Critics' Picks section.
  • Jan. 13: Brian Patrick Eha '12 published "A Legible Story of Place," an essay-review of Evan Hughes' "Literary Brooklyn," in City Journal; and also a photograph and extended caption, "Window on the Palisades," as Photo of the Day on adventure-travel website LetsBeWild (Jan. 24).
  • Jan. 18: Diane Jeantet '12 wrote a feature piece on the black market of HIV medications in New York, and the shifting legislation surrounding it, that was published by City Limits magazine and Metro US, both print and online.
  • Jan. 19: Daniel Medina '12 looked at income inequality for the Huffington Post in "Dr. King's 'Dream' Denied to Millions."
  • Jan. 23: Ted Regencia '12 and Lindsay Minerva's '12 piece on a struggling Bronx synagogue was published on the front page of Tablet magazine.
  • Jan. 30: Tanya Benedicto's '12 piece "Secrets from Six-Figure Women" was published by both Forbes and Yahoo! Finance Singapore.
  • Jan. 31: Dervedia Thomas '12 produced an audio slideshow and article on immigrants and crime accusations that was published by Dominion of New York.
  • Marc Weinreich '12 wrote a piece on "Occupy Parenting," about how parents are sharing the OWS movement with their children, that was published by New York Family in late November.
  • Fatima Muneer's '12 piece from November "At Zuccotti Park, Little Faith in the Ballot Box," was picked up by the Dallas Morning News, the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. Also, a Nov. 2 piece on Coney Island, "November on the Boardwalk," was published by the Wall Street Journal; and a Dec. 5 piece on ticket fixing was picked up by USA Today.
  • Neha Banka's '12 November piece for The Brooklyn Ink on Wi-Fi in Brooklyn Bridge Park was picked up by the Wall Street Journal and several additional borough and industry sites.
  • Curtis Skinner '12 reported throughout the fall for the Red Hook Star-Revue, writing on charter schools, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, and more—including starting a political column for the bimontly publication.


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Students: If you've published work, please send your clips to Miriam Beyer, Web Editor (, for inclusion in this digest and communication on the Journalism School's social media sites.

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