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J-School Student Clip Report: Spring 2012

April 12, 2012

Columbia Journalism School students publish often and widely. Here is a collection of their work from the spring.

  • Feb. 20: Olivia B. Waxman's '12 article about social polling -- startups that track public opinion using social media and what that means for the future of polling -- was published on's Techland.
  • Feb. 16: Federick Bernas '12 reported on Al Jazeera English, and also on an ABC television scene that riled Hispanic New Yorkers (Mar. 12), for Monocle 24 Radio.
  • Feb. 23: Donna Kim '12 talked with NBC's New York Live about 50's-inspired trends and how to incorporate pieces into one's wardrobe.
  • Feb. 24: Dalal Mawad's '12 look at how news organizations are vetting the flood of citizen journalist videos coming out of Syria was published on Columbia Journalism Review's website.
  • Feb. 25: Annie Claire Bergeron-Oliver's '12 piece on journalists sneaking across the border illegally to cover Syria was published by the Huffington Post.
  • Feb. 26: Billy Shannon '12 reported on a Brooklyn woman winning the North East Barista Competition, and on city sanitation agents seemingly writing bogus tickets (Feb. 27), both for the New York Daily News.
  • Mar. 1: Chitrangada Choudhury '12 profiled historian and preservationist Sharada Dwivedi for The Caravan, an Indian journal of politics and culture.
  • Mar. 2: Gabriel Stargardter '12 profiled boxer Edgar Santana in a feature for Sports Illustrated.
  • Mar. 5: Theodoric Meyer '12 brought the Torosaurus to light in "Triceratops' Quiet Cousin, the Torosaurus, Gains New Legitimacy" for the New York Times. The piece was published online and in print.
  • Mar. 5: Hiten Samtani '12 reported on a special expo of work by seniors at Harlem Renaissance High School for the New York Times' SchoolBook. Samtani also had reporting credit on "To Be Black at Stuyvesant High" (Feb. 26), a top story on the New York Times website that also appeared in print.
  • Mar. 7: Brian Patrick Eha '12 wrote and photographed "Romantic Kitchen - A Chili Night" for The Walkin Kitchen. Recipe included.
  • Mar. 7: Billy Shannon '12 explained the "reverse American dream" - retirees selling and moving to smaller, simpler homes - in a piece for the Boston Globe.
  • Mar. 8: Esteban Illades' '12 story on drug war statistics in Mexico, and how those numbers will play into upcoming political campaigns, ran on Univision.
  • Mar. 8: Frank Runyeon '12 tracked the fates of Bryant Park fountain coins for the New York Times City Room.
  • Mar. 14: Theodoric Meyer '12 reported that teachers at a French American Charter School in Harlem will be allowed to unionize for the New York Times SchoolBook.
  • Mar. 20: Andrew Katz's '12 master's project "The Occupiers: A Liberal and a Radical Struggle for the Soul of a Movement" was published by The Atlantic. The piece -- an inside look at where Occupy Wall Street has been and where, following its six-month anniversary, the movement is going -- was published almost immediately after Katz turned it in.
  • Mar. 21: Brian Patrick Eha '12 considered the "effect the sound-culture is having on our self-awareness and faculties of thought" in a piece for The Atlantic, "The Sound of Solitude." Earlier this spring, Eha reviewed Gregor von Rezzori's "An Ermine in Czernopol" for The Rumpus (Feb. 13), a piece that was featured by the New York Review of Books.
  • Mar. 23: Frederick Bernas '12 wrote about the Sundance-winning documentary "Putin's Kiss," about the pro-Putin youth movement, for openDemocracy.
  • Mar. 26: Emily Judem '12 took the lead story on Columbia Journalism Review online for her piece on Ecuadorean journalists.
  • Mar. 29: Daniel Medina '12 reported on a sprawling digital network helping the Syrian uprising for the New York Times. His piece was published online and in print.
  • Mar. 29: Marc Weinreich '12 followed the arc of a Jeremy Lin trading card for the New York Times.
  • Mar. 30: Mohammed Aademo '12 published a piece in the New York Daily News about the city's Senegalese expat community and its recent voting in the country's presidential race.
  • Mar. 30: Dalal Mawad '12 published a news analysis on the Palestinian effort to gain United Nations recognition with Your Middle East, a Sweden-based, independent news site.
  • Apr. 3: Theodoric Meyer '12 chronicled an Education Department computer glitch that sent Queens girls scrambling for high school admission for the New York Times SchoolBook.
  • Apr. 4: Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato '12 looked into the rise of Wiccan Studies students at the Academy of Pagan Studies for the Village Voice.
  • Apr. 5: Fatima Muneer '12 published two pieces on Huffington Post in one week: "Does the Egyptian Media Need a Revoluation" (Apr. 5) and "How is the U.S. Dealing With the Arms Proliferation in Libya After the Revolution?" (Apr. 3). Additionally, her coverage of 10x10, an NGO, was published as part of Social Media Week coverage and in Differences magazine.
  • Apr. 6: Eddie Small '12 profiled an art teacher in the South Bronx for the New York Times SchoolBook.
  • Apr. 8: Neha Tara Mehta '12 and Hoda Emam '12 published "In the Shadow of Silvio's Saint" on the cover of New Delhi's Mail Today. Their reporting was conducted as part of the "Covering Religion" course trip to Italy in March.
  • Apr. 9: Celia Watson Seupel '12 wrote " 'Do You Know Who Died?' " for the New York Times. It was published in the Science section and online.
  • Apr. 10: Marc Georges '12 published a version of his master's project with Mashable: "StarCraft II and the Rise of American Pro Gaming," an exploration of the world of "e-sports."
  • Apr. 11: Monica Alba '12 and Angela Reese's '12 story and video "Personal Benchmarks of Central Park" were published on Channel Thirteen's website. Alba and Reese's piece is the first in a new partnership between Thirteen's MetroFocus and the Journalism School.
  • Tom Lewis '12 was interviewed live, on both BBC Radio and Television, for Welsh-language news services about Super Tuesday. He has reported regularly for them throughout the year, on subjects including Hurricane Irene, the tenth anniversary of 9/11, Occupy Wall Street and the UN Palestinian statehood bid.
  • Hiten Samtani '12 published additional clips earlier this academic year: "Qaddafi Eulogized in Bed-Stuy" (Nov. 4), picked up by the Wall Street Journal, Vice Magazine, and more; "The Anarchivists: Who Owns the Occupy Wall Street Narrative" (Dec. 26), also picked up by the Wall Street Journal and more; and "Strong Opinions About Reading and Testing" (Jan. 26) and "For Two Queens Schools, More Money and No Strings Attached" (Feb. 10), both of which ran in the New York Times SchoolBook.
  • Alexa van Sickle '12 published a story and photo essay on "The Last of the Midtown West Cigar Factories" (Feb. 4) with Fotorater Magazine, a London publication.
  • Lambert Mbom '12 reported on the Week of Christian Unity (Feb. 6) for the English version of L'Effort Camerounais, the newspaper of the National Bishops' Conference of Cameroon.

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