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Centennial All-Class Lecture: Brown Institute opening

October 04, 2012

Columbia Journalism School welcomed Mark Hansen, recently appointed East Coast director of the Brown Institute, in an All-Class Lecture, another event in a series coinciding with the celebration of the school’s centennial year. Hansen was preceded with introductions by Nicholas Lemann, dean of the J-School; Lee C. Bollinger, president of the university; Frank Bennack, Jr., CEO of the Hearst Corporation; Eve Burton, senior vice president and general counsel of the Hearst Corporation; and Bernd Girod, director of the Brown Institute at Stanford University

The event, attended by current students, as well as friends of the J-School, was a retrospective of the lives of the Institute’s funders, David and Helen Gurley Brown, told by long-time colleagues and friends at the Hearst Corporation. 

The opening also contained a first look into the ambitious new partnership with Stanford University, including mock-ups of the digital newsroom that will be housed on the second floor of the J-School. The collaboration between Stanford and Columbia Journalism School is designed to encourage new endeavors to inform, as well as highlight the connection between journalism and technology in a changing media landscape. 
“Now, at a time when journalism is under siege as never before, we’ll have an institute committed to the dream of its bright future,” Bennack said in prepared remarks. “Today, this is a day to celebrate.” 

Hansen, who is accomplished as both a scientist and an artist, will oversee short-term and long-term research projects, and award grants and fellowships. He also will teach courses that integrate data and algorithms in journalistic practice.  


The Brown Institute opening with Mark Hansen from CUJourn on Vimeo.

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