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Student reporters chronicle impact of Hurricane Sandy

October 30, 2012

As the New York area and much of the U.S. eastern seaboard endured Hurricane Sandy and began the long process of rebuilding, J-School student reporters were out in force to tell the story of the historic natural disaster.

Student reporters for Northattan, The Bronx Ink, the Brooklyn Ink, the New York Torch, Global City NYC and others covered Sandy from numerous angles. Northattan’s Emma Elbuzedi ’13 visited an evacuation center on 138th St., while Gayatri Kaul ’13 reported on a coffee shop still open as the storm approached.
Coleen Jose ’13 of the Bronx Ink offered information about the storm for Bronx readers, while New York Torch staff produced video reports on flooding and the Brooklyn Ink provided continuing updates on Twitter during and after the storm.  In addition, Izabela Rutkowski '13 reported on the resilience of Staten Islanders whose neighborhoods were among those hit hardest and Liz Fields '13 surveyed Astoria's storm damage.  
In the aftermath, several Northattan reporters took photos of the devastation. Xiaoran Liu ’13 produced video following clean up crews the morning after, while a piece by Lorena O’Neil ’13, provided insights into how readers can help local neighborhoods in north Manhattan begin to recover.  Brooklyn Ink staff have been live-blogging recovery efforts in the borough.  The Bridge amassed 18 stories in the days following the storm, including how East Village businesses have struggled to recover after Downtown Manhattan went dark.  
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Here is a video from our Centennial Series in which several students recount their reporting experiences.
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