Columbia Journalism School


Frank Bruni '88 visits the J-School

February 06, 2013

On Jan. 30, Frank Bruni ‘88 stopped by the J-School to take questions from students in an event sponsored by the Columbia University Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association. Bruni detailed his various experiences at the New York Times, ranging from the perks and drawbacks of being a food critic to the challenges of writing an op-ed column. He also discussed being openly gay for the entirety of his career, as well as issues facing LGBT journalists today.

Bruni's career at The New York Times began 16 years ago. He was a metropolitan reporter who also contributed to the Sunday magazine and the Arts section. He then worked as a national correspondent in San Francisco, but his big break came when he was assigned to the Washington, D.C. bureau in 1998. In his four years in the capital, Bruni covered Congress, Capitol Hill, Governor George W. Bush's presidential campaign and then the White House. He wrote the bestselling book "Ambling into History" about George W. Bush and is also the author of "Born Round," a memoir. Bruni is the Times' first openly gay Op-Ed columnist. 
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