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Lindy Hess, director of Columbia Publishing Course, dies at 63

July 18, 2013

Columbia Journalism School mourns the loss of Lindy Hess, longtime director of the Columbia Publishing Course and a leading figure who helped shape the industry's new recruits for more than two decades.  She was 63.

"Lindy will be remembered as a unique, talented and caring colleague who has left a great legacy at the school and in publishing," said Arlene Morgan, associate dean for programs and prizes, who worked closely with her since the course moved to Columbia.

Hess was born on April 1, 1950, in Manhattan, where she attended the Spence School. She graduated from Wheaton College with a degree in English in 1972.

Hess took over the then Radcliffe Publishing Course based at Harvard University more than twenty years ago and transformed it into a six-week intensive boot camp, revamping a program that had lost touch with the industry.  The Publishing Course moved to Columbia in 2001, where she continued training and matchmaking students with her contacts in the industry, making it her mission to find the right job for her all of her students.

Click here to read a full obituary from the New York Times.

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