Columbia Journalism School


Global Post series on infant mortality features work of several alumni

September 06, 2013

A wide array of Journalism School alumni contributed reporting to a recent Global Post story on infant mortality. "Step by Step: The Path to Ending Child Mortality," uses info-graphics and imagery to illuminate an issue that affects 7 million young children annually. 

Co-founded by Editor Charles Sennott '86, the Global Post has taken on many J-School alumni as reporters. Six alumni were among those who worked on this story, including former Knight-Bagehot Fellow Amy Yee. The list includes recent graduates Elizabeth Stuart '13, Harman Boparai '13 and Emily Judem '12; it also features Joanne Silberner '77 and M.A. graduate Marissa Miley '10. 

Because the story's scope ranges across the globe, with datelines spanning from the Indian Sub-continent, to Sub-Saharan Africa and Washington, it was necessary to depend on several reporters across platforms and subject areas. Boparai, who is also a physician, fuses his medical background with his journalism training to present a compelling account of what he saw in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Many of the stories include multimedia components that suggest a digital-first approach. Combining writing, video, data visualizations and photography the Global Post illustrates that a detail-rich series like this requires a comprehensive approach. 

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