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"Unsettled/Desasosiego: Children in a World of Gangs" on display at Gallery 300

October 18, 2013

The work of documentary photographer Donna DeCesare, a 2013 Maria Moors Cabot Prize winner, is now on display at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism's "Gallery 300," a new photo gallery exhibiting photojournalism and documentary photography by professionals and students located on the J-School's third floor.

For 25 years DeCesare photographed Central American gang members and their families, at home and in refugee communities in the U.S.A. Her work traces the culture and economy of violence from El Salvador's civil war where 75,000 civilians were killed by the U.S. funded government, to the 1990s and the streets of Los Angeles where gangs emerged for survival and protection. DeCesare's images and texts, collected in the recently published book Unsettled, resonate for their intimacy, empathy and dedication.

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