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The Lede Program: An Introduction to Data Practices

The Lede Program is an intensive, post-bac certification program to equip journalists and storytellers of all kinds with the computational skills needed to turn data into narrative. The program offers an intensive summer bootcamp in data and computation, or a comprehensive two-semester program for students interested in pursuing more advanced work.

No prior experience with coding, data, or computation necessary: we start from square one.

We are now accepting Lede 2016 applications. Learn more here.


Lede students take hands-on classes in data and data technologies, taught in the critical and creative contexts of the social sciences and humanities. The program is split into two sequential sections - one providing an introduction to computing, data analysis and data visualization; and the other venturing into advanced versions of these topics. In both cases, students can expect to leave with a portfolio of data-driven clips showcasing their new skills.

Lede 12

Lede 12 is a one-semester, summer-only Certification of Professional Achievement for students who want an applied introduction to data and computation. Students take four intensive courses hosted at the Journalism School, gaining a strong foundation in coding, statistics, data, algorithms and visualization. See sample courses »

Lede 24

Lede 24 is a two-semester, summer and fall Certification of Professional Achievement for students who want a deeper computational education. In the summer, they take Lede 12 classes at the J-School; in the fall, they study through Columbia's Department of Computer Science or Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering, delving into the formal principles behind their work. The course is meant to prepare students for advanced practice in computational and data sciences. See sample courses »

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The Lede Program is open to applicants with a bachelor’s degree, strong academic record and demonstrated interest in data technologies. The priority deadline for Summer 2016 applications is February 15, with other rounds of applications accepted on March 15 and April 15. Learn more and apply here.


2015: Lede 12 summer classes begin with orientation on May 22 and continue through September 1, 2016. For those in the Lede 24 program, the fall semester starts on September 6 and runs through December 23, 2016.


As certification programs at Columbia University, Lede programs cost less than a formal degree. For more information on tuition and scholarship aid opportunities, see our Tuition and Fees page ».


Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions by emailing .

Jonathan Soma
Director, The Lede Program
Columbia Journalism School
2950 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

(212) 851-1816

Prof. Mark Hansen
Program Advisor
Columbia Journalism School
2950 Broadway

New York, NY 10027


Start-up funds for The Lede Program were provided by The Tow Foundation.










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