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The duPont Talks: Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams


In a very special edition of "The duPont Talks," NBC News veteran anchors - the deans of network news - Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams sit down in Dean Steve Coll's office to interview each other.

Hear what to this day enrages Brian Williams when he watches his duPont Award-winning Katrina coverage, and about the duPont Award-winning documentary Tom Brokaw intends to re-visit.   Learn why Brokaw, despite his recent cancer diagnosis, considers himself the "luckiest man he knows," and what Williams thinks about being an inadvertant rap star.


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Behind-the-scenes of Katrina coverage: "Our hotel was overrun by gangs. I was rescued in the stairwell of a 5 star hotel in New Orleans..."


What still enrages Brian Williams when he watches NBC's Katrina coverage: 



Katrina coverage duPont acceptance speech leads to talk of cat videos and Brian Williams - inadvertent rap star. 


Brokaw: ...Maybe I’m unrealistic to think that we’re going to be a kind of kumbaya fully integrated society at some point...but what you need to do is eliminate the hostility...  


Why Tom Brokaw needs to go back to one story to do some more reporting.


Tom Brokaw on why awards don't always matter...but this one does. 


Today's news anchor: "It's now an interactive job...if you have a thin skin, I would advise skipping the internet after the broadcast is over." 


Tom Brokaw - despite a cancer diagnosis - remains "the luckiest guy in the world."


"Being a journalist is easy. You report the news and raise hell."




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