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Our Degree Programs

  • Master of Science degree is the foundational program of the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. The majority of students apply to this program to learn the rigors of reporting from the ground up, taught in close mentorship with industry leaders.  MORE >
  • Dual Degree Journalism and Computer Science: prepares students with skills in the technical aspects of both digital media and news production. Journalism-computer science is the only dual degree program where both disciplines of study occur simultaneously. Other dual degree program options: Business, International and Public Affairs, Law and Religion. MORE >
  • Master of Arts degree is for journalists with three to 15 years of experience who want to deepen their knowledge in one of four subject areas: politics and global affairs; arts and culture; science, environment and medicine; or business. M.A. students develop the knowledge and confidence to ask sophisticated questions, situate news events in their larger context, and evaluate competing claims made by sources. MORE >
  • PhD in Communications offers a multidisciplinary approach to the study of the relationships between people and media in their cultural, social, political, historical, economic, and technological contexts. MORE >


Select the academic degree that interests you:
  • Master of Science in Journalism

    Study the skills and principles of journalism using words, data, images and sound. Full or part-time.

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  • Master of Arts in Journalism

    Go deeper: Arts & Culture, Science, Politics or Business training for experienced journalists.

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  • Ph.D. in Communications

    Take the lead with a multi-disciplinary approach to Communications.

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  • Dual Degree: Journalism & Computer Science

    Apply computer science, engineering and related skills in a digital news environment.

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  • Lede Program

    Intensive, post-bac certification program turning data into narrative.

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