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Columbia Publishing Course at Oxford

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The Columbia Publishing Course at Oxford University, or CPC UK, is a new program that offers aspiring publishing professionals the opportunity to experience CPC’s distinctive brand of practical, intensive training, tailored for the demands and nuances of the British job market.

Seventy students will undergo an in-depth, four-week introduction to all aspects of book publishing, from evaluations of original manuscripts to the sales and marketing of finished products. Participants will learn about publishing through a rigorous schedule of lectures, seminars, and workshops, and by completing professionally evaluated assignments.

The Columbia Publishing Course provides an unparalleled overview of the entire publishing process, teaches basic publishing skills, and offers students the opportunity to meet and learn from top publishing professionals. The Columbia Journalism School is pleased to bring this renowned program to an exciting new setting.

2016 Dates - Oxford

September 4 - 30, 2016

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