Columbia Journalism School

Alumni Board 2015-16


Dear fellow alumni,

We are honored to be part of the Alumni Board, working to strengthen the ties between the Journalism School and its graduates. We are a diverse group, representing the many professions and avocations pursued by J-School alumni, but we are unified in our goal to represent you. To that end, we would like to hear from you. Please contact any of us with your questions, concerns and ideas.

Fiona Kirk ’00




Fiona Kirk ’00, Freelance Journalist, New York, N.Y., fionajkirk[at]

Vice Chair

James Rosenberg '97, Chief, Digital Strategy, UNICEF, New York, N.Y., jerotus[at]

The Board

Jessica Baldwin ’88, freelance journalist, London, U.K., jessicambaldwin[at]
Karlyn Barker '70, former reporter and editor, The Washington Post, Washington D.C., karlynbarker[at]
Myron Belkind ’62, Professorial Lecturer, George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs and President, National Press Club 2014, Washington, D.C., myron.belkind[at]
Eliza Browning ’08, Vice President, Business and Product Development, Crane Stationary, New York, N.Y., elizabrowning[at]
Rebecca Castillo ’06, Assistant Director, Columbia Scholastic Press Association, New York, N.Y., rc73[at]
Scott Dodd ’07, Editor,, New York, N.Y., scott.dodd[at]
Alan Flippen ’86, Director of publications for Mount Sinai Health System; alflip63[at]
Abigail Goldman ’93, Business Reporter, Los Angeles Times (retired), Beverly Hills, Calif., abigail.goldman[at]
Catherine Herridge ’90, Chief Intelligence Correspondent, FOX News, Washington, D.C., cvdh64[at]
Neeraj Khemlani ’93, Co-President, Hearst Entertainment, New York, N.Y., neeraj[at]
Richard Levine ’63, President, Dow Jones News Fund, Inc., Princeton, N.J., richard.levine[at]
Darren McDermott '92, director, Brunswick, dmcdermott[at]
Julia Flynn Siler ’85, Author at Alfred A. Knopf and contributing writer, Wall Street Journal, Ross, Calif., julia.flynnsiler[at]
Gayle Pollard Terry ’73, Deputy Director of Media and Communications, Los Angeles United School District, Los Angeles, Calif., gpt.elyag[at]
Karen Toulon ’85, New York Bureau Chief, Bloomberg News, New York, N.Y., ktoulon[at]
Thomas Watkins ’84, News Editor, CNN, Atlanta, Ga., thomasgwatkins[at]

Alumni Board Subcommittees

J-Ten (graduates from the last 10 years)



Journalism 3.0

Alumni Board Emeriti

Jane Eisner '78
Alexis Gelber ’80

Shahabadeen Karim ’95
Michael Kubin '05
Steve Litt '80
Margaret McBride Lehrman '70
David Peterkin '82
Steve Wolgast ’92
Rick Zednik '94

About the Alumni Board

Each board member serves staggered terms, which are renewable for a full three-year term (maximum of two terms), and attends three annual meetings.  The Society of Professional Journalists-Columbia chapter president and the alumni director serve as ex-officio members of the board. The chair of the Alumni Association serves as an ex-officio member of the J-School Board of Visitors as well as an ex-officio member of the Columbia Alumni Association.

The Alumni Board was announced in April 2008, the culmination of a two-year process.  In 2006-2007, an Alumni Association Task Force met to examine the mission, goals and best practices of a journalism school's alumni association, following the lead of Columbia University, which undertook an examination of its own Alumni Association.  With the guidance of an outside consultant, the task force developed a strategic plan, which included a mission statement, primary goals and strategies. During 2007-2008, a transition team had the opportunity to lay the foundation for an Alumni Association that would work closely with the alumni relations office and serve as a link between the school and its alumni.


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