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The technology department is committed to maintaining superior computer and broadcast facilities, while providing technological support. The staff welcomes inquiries from students. Please explore the following links to take advantage of this resource.

Equipment Room/Media Services

The Equipment Room houses all different types of equipment that journalism students have access to based on their concentrations and classes they take. Click here for direct access to the Equipment Room's hours of operation, or read further to find out more about the services our department provides to the Journalism School Read more »

Computer Support

Several Mac labs are available to journalism students. We have outfitted them with all the software you will need. Read on for advice on personal computer purchases, information on about our computer labs, and basic instructions for making the best use of the technological resources available to you. Read more »

Technology Guide

Technology is an integral part the programs offered by the Graduate School of Journalism. If you are planning to purchase a computer, hard drive, or any other piece of equipment, you may be overwhelmed by all the terminology and choices. Read more »


Submit a request for technical support through the school’s web-based Helpdesk. Logon with your J-School credentials to submit a request for our help.
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