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  • Chancellor_award_dinner_11-14-12
  • 2012 Chancellor Ceremony

Chancellor Award Nominations

How to Enter for the 2016 John Chancellor Award

OPEN DATE: Tuesday, March 8, 2016

DEADLINE: April 29, 2016

To be entered for consideration, journalists must be nominated. The nominator will need to fill out the Chancellor Application form. This form will be available on March 8.

Required Supporting Materials:

Paperless Electronic Submissions Preferred

For print nominations: a pdf file with legible pages of the nomination material is recommended.

For broadcast nominations: a list of working permanent links to programming is recommended. 

  • A nominating letter by someone other than the journalist that includes a brief summary of journalistic accomplishments. The Chancellor Board looks for sustained journalistic accomplishments over time, where the journalist’s reporting as a whole is greater than any single story he or she may have covered. Please explain the impact of the reporting.**

  • Nominations may have up to three letters of support.**

  • Resumé or CV, including any major awards received.

  • Provide 5-10 examples of the person's best work:

Newspaper/Magazine Nominee: 5-10 significant newspaper or magazine stories by the nominee. (Please include articles in the original layout, if possible. Photocopies or PDFs must be easy to read.)

Broadcast/TV or Radio Nominee: 5-10 significant broadcast stories by the nominee. TV and radio stories should be submitted just as they aired, without reediting. Contact the Chancellor Award office for coverage of breaking news stories, if applicable. (Links to the stories or five copies on DVD for television or CD for radio.)

Web reports may be saved as pdf's and submitted on disk or DVD, or you may provide us with a live link.

  • Paperless submissions preferred

This award is intended for a journalist whose principal audience is in the U.S. If the original reporting is in a language other than English, transcripts or subtitles in English must be provided.


Contact Information

John Chancellor Award
Caroline Martinet, Program Manager
2950 Broadway MC3805
New York, NY 10027
Phone: 212-854-6468
Fax: 212-854-3148

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