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Oakes Award: Past Winners


San Jose Mercury News, Lisa M. Krieger, Paul Rogers, "California Drought,"

            Honorable Mention

InsideClimate News, The Center for Public Integrity & The Weather Channel, David Hasemeyer and Lisa Song of InsideClimate News, Jim Morris of The Center for Public Integrity, and Greg Gilderman of the Weather Channel, "Big Oil, Bad Air"

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Dan Egan, "A Watershed Moment: Great Lakes at a Crossroads"


Oakes Award on hiatus - no award given. 


Chicago Tribune, Patricia Callahan, Sam Roe, Michael Hawthorne, "Playing with Fire,"

            Honorable Mention

            Environmental Health News, Marla Cone, project editor, "Playing with Fire"

             InsideClimate News, Lisa Song, Elizabeth McGowan, David Hasmyer, "The Dilbit Disaster"

            USA Today, Alison Young and Peter Eisler, "Ghost Factories"



The New York Times, Justin Gillis, "Temperature Rising"

            Honorable Mention

           The Associated Press, Jeff Donn, "Aging Nukes"

            Center for Public Integrity and ABC News, Ronnie Greene and Matthew Mosk respectively, 

            "Green Energy: Contracts, Connections and the Collapse of Solyndra"



The Center for Public Integrity’s International Consortium of
Investigative Journalists, “Dangers in the Dust: Inside the Global Asbestos Trade

The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, Deepwater Horizon oil spill coverage

The Milwaukee Sentinel, Dan Egan,“Great Lakes, Great Peril: A Road Map to Restoration


USA Today, Blake Morrison and Brad Heath, “The Smokestack Effect: Toxic Air and
America’s Schools

The New York Times, Charles Duhigg, “Toxic Waters

Center for Public Integrity, Kristen Lombardi, “The Hidden Cost of Clean Coal

The Military Times, Kelly Kennedy, “Poisoned in Iraq: How Open Air Burn Pits are Risking Your Health


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Susanne Rust, Meg Kissinger and Cary Spivak, 
Chemical Fallout

The Associated Press, Martha Mendoza, Jeff Donn and Justin Pritchard, “PharmaWater

More about the 2009 Oakes Award winners


The Times Picayune of New Orleans,  Bob Marshall, Mark Schleifstein, Matt Brown and photographer Ted Jackson,
 “Last Chance: The Fight to Save a Disappearing Coast

The Los Angeles Times, Judy Pasternak, "Blighted Homeland

 Harper’s, McKenzie Funk, “Cold Rush: The Coming Fight for the Melting North

More about the 2008 Oakes Award winners
John G. H. Oakes’ opening remarks, 2008 award presentation


The Los Angeles Times, Kenneth R. Weiss and his team, “Altered Oceans
More about the 2007 Oakes Award winners


Harper's Magazinee, Erik Reece  “Death of a Mountain
The Milwaukee Sentinel, Dan Egan, “Troubled Waters, the Great Invasion”
More about the 2006 Oakes Award winners


Cascadia Times, Paul Koberstein


The Detroit Free Press, Staff


Mobile Register, Ben Raines


Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Robert McClure and Andrew Schneider


The Times-Picayune, John McQuaid


Los Angeles Times, T. Christian Miller


The Seattle Times, Deborah Nelson, Jim Simon, Eric Nalder and Danny Westneat


The Seattle Times, Duff Wilson


The Record, Dunstan McNichol and Kelly Richmond


The News & Observer, Pat Stith and Joby Warrick



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