Columbia Journalism School

Computer Support

Information about purchasing computers, using Columbia's e-mail services, and other computing information.

Technology Guide

Technology is an integral part the programs offered by the Graduate School of Journalism. If you are planning to purchase a computer, hard drive, or any other piece of equipment, you may be overwhelmed by all the terminology and choices. Read more »

Computer Labs

The Journalism School provides several computer labs for use by Journalism students. Are labs are outfitted with and extensive software suite designed to meet all your computer needs throughout the year. Read more »

Tech Discounts

Journalism School students have access to discounts on Mac computers, Dell Computers and B & H purchases. Read more »

Software and Utilities

Columbia University licenses some software for students, faculty, and staff. Visit this page for more details.
Read more

Computer & E-Mail Accounts

Your Columbia e-mail account is used to access all e-mail communication sent to your Columbia e-mail address. You will also use this account to access Columbia library and research resources when off-campus. Read more »

File Management

Each student is allotted 1 Gigabyte of personal storage space on the school's file servers. This space can be accessed from any computer within the school by logging into the network with your Journalism School network ID. Read more »

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