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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated November 2015

Are there any additional application requirements for international students?

No, the application requirements are the same regardless of your country of origin. However, if an official transcript is not in English, you must submit both the official transcript and a verbatim English translation (from the institution or from a certified translation service). If your letters of recommendation are written in a language other than English, please send the original as well as certified, verbatim English translations from a translation service.

What kind of visas do international students need for CPC NY?

Because the course is only six weeks long and participants are not enrolled in credit-bearing courses, international participants are generally ineligible for student visas and attend the program as tourists. We recommend that you get in touch with your local consulate to discuss the specifics of your situation.

Do you require GRE/TOEFL/IELTS scores?

No, we do not look at standardized test scores when making admissions decisions.

How many applications do you receive? How many students do you accept?

On average we receive 400 applications for approximately 110 places in the New York program. We have 70 places in the Oxford program.

Do you have rolling admissions?

For CPC NY, we only evaluate applications once the due date has passed. Preference is not given to early applicants.

For CPC UK's first admissions cycle, we are offering an "Early Action" deadline of January 15, 2016. Very well-qualified candidates who apply by January 15 may be granted early acceptance by the first part of February. Other applicants may remain in the applicant pool and be judged again later in the spring, after the regular May 15 deadline for CPC UK applications has passed.

Can I apply to both CPC NY and CPC UK?

Yes, you can be considered for both programs. Since the application deadline for CPC NY precedes the application deadline for CPC UK, applicants who wish to be considered for both programs should indicate CPC NY as their first choice program and indicate that they wish to be considered for CPC UK as well. Candidates must also complete their applications by the CPC NY deadline of March 7, 2016.

Because students accepted to CPC UK under Early Action are asked to provide a deposit by mid-February 2015, the Early Action deadline for CPC UK is not appropriate for applicants who wish to be considered for both programs. Early Action is intended for candidates for whom CPC UK is the first (and only) choice of program.

What undergraduate institutions do your students attend?

The variety of college and universities that CPC NY students have come from are too numerous to name in full. A sampling of the class of 2014 includes graduates of Harvard University, Kenyon College, University of Texas at Austin, Pepperdine University, Columbia University, Brown University, New York University, University of California Santa Barbara, Bard College, and Colby College among others.

I am a rising college junior. Can I take the Columbia Publishing Course?

Only in extremely rare circumstances do we admit students who have yet to finish their undergraduate degrees. Because the course does so much in job market preparation and career placement, students not ready to immediately enter the workforce would not be able to take full advantage of the many networking opportunities offered. Please contact our office if you’d like to discuss your circumstances.

What degree, certificate, or academic credits do students receive upon completing the course?

The Columbia Publishing Course is a non-credit, non-degree professional program. Students receive a Statement of Attendance at the end of the six weeks. Alumni needing verification of their participation in the course for job or graduate school applications should contact Assistant Director Stephanie Chan.

My recommender would like to submit his/her letter via mail instead of electronically. Is this possible?

We strongly prefer that recommenders submit their letters electronically whenever possible, but we will also accept letters via post. Our mailing addresses are:

Columbia Publishing Course
2950 Broadway, MC 3801
New York, NY 10022
United States of America

Columbia Publishing Course
c/o Philip Munday
Exeter College
Turl Street

Letters submitted by mail should be accompanied by a cover sheet, which can be downloaded from the application portal.

Whom should I ask to provide references?

Please refrain from asking relatives, family, personal friends, or classmates to write letters. Appropriate letter writers are, for example, professors, internship supervisors, teachers; in short, people who have supervised your academic or professional work and can comment on and provide evidence of your ability to succeed in the publishing industry.

Letters should be on official letterhead and be signed by the letter writer.

How can I pay my application fee? Do you grant fee waivers?

We accept Visa and MasterCard through the online application. We cannot accept cash, checks, or postal money orders. We do not grant application fee waivers. 

My projected/actual degree date or is not on my transcript. What should I do?

If you have already graduated, please upload a copy of the diploma showing the same information. If you have not yet graduated, ask your registrar to provide a letter certifying your expected date of graduation.



Shaye Areheart, Director
2950 Broadway, MC 3801
New York, NY 10027

Stephanie Chan, Assistant Director
2950 Broadway, MC 3801
New York, NY 10027



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