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Dual-Degree Programs

The Graduate School of Journalism offers several dual degree programs in cooperation with other schools and programs at Columbia University and abroad.

Participation in these programs is contingent upon acceptance into both the Journalism School and the program's partner school. Apply to the Journalism School by mid-December.

Learn more about the Journalism School's international dual degree programs in Paris and Johannesburg.

Journalism & Business

The Journalism School and the Business School offer a five-semester program leading to the degrees of Master of Science in journalism and Master of Business Administration. Designed for the student who is interested both in media organization and management and in business communications, the dual program requires the completion of 17 courses in the Business School curriculum and the M.S. program of two consecutive terms in the Journalism School. The Business School's bulletin and application are available from the Office of Admissions, Columbia Business School, Uris Hall, 3022 Broadway, New York, NY 10027, (212) 854-5553.
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Journalism & Computer Science

Columbia Journalism School and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science have announced a new joint Master of Science degree program in Computer Science and Journalism. This program is designed to prepare a new generation of professionals with skills in the technical aspects of both digital media and news production. 

In addition to taking classes at the journalism and engineering schools, students will attend a seminar and workshop designed specifically for the dual-degree program. The seminar will teach students about the impact of digital techniques on journalism; the emerging role of citizens in the news process; the influence of social media; and the changing business models that will support news gathering. In the workshop, students will use a hands-on approach to delve deeply into information design, focusing on how to build a site, section or application from concept to development, ensuring the editorial goals are kept uppermost in mind.
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Journalism & Law

This joint program between the Journalism School and the School of Law permits students to earn both the Juris Doctor and the Master of Science degree in journalism over seven semesters. The School of Law accepts up to 10 academic credits toward the J.D. degree for work completed at the Journalism School. The Law School bulletin and application are available from the Office of Admissions, Columbia University School of Law, Mail Code 4004, 435 West 116th St., New York, NY 10027.
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Journalism & Religion

This program enables qualified candidates to receive two master’s degrees, one from the Journalism School (M.S.) and the other from the Department of Religion (M.A.), in two years of study. In the first year, students complete the journalism program, including the Covering Religion seminar (J6002y, section 4) or a comparable course. Credits earned for the religion course are also applied toward the religion program, which is completed in the second year. Students must complete two of the following Religion Department core courses in the second year: Theory and Method in the Study of Religion; Introduction to Asian Religions; or Introduction to Western Religions.

Candidates must apply simultaneously to both schools and express their intention to pursue the dual program. An application for the religion program can be obtained from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University, 107 Low Memorial Library, New York, NY 10027. You may apply online here to the GSAS. For questions about the Religion program, contact Meryl Marcus ( at the Department of Religion.


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