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Dual Degree: Journalism and Computer Science


Columbia Journalism School and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science have created a dual-degree Master of Science in Journalism and Computer Science. Students will receive highly specialized training in the digital environment, enabling them to develop technical and editorial skills in all aspects of computer-supported news gathering and digital media production. The goal of the program is for its graduates to help redefine journalism in a fast-changing digital media environment.

Program Brochure

The program offers the highest caliber of computer science and journalism training at Columbia University. Students will enroll for a total of four semesters at the Journalism and Engineering schools, learning the fundamentals of reporting and writing while developing a working background in computer science and software design. This program will use the content of one discipline to inform the execution of the other. Senior faculty members and graduate fellows will combine cutting edge engineering research with journalistic methods to produce applications that could lead to new educational models for the news business in the Internet age.

Students participate in seminars and workshops designed specifically for this dual-degree program. The seminar will teach students about the impact of digital techniques on journalism; the emerging role of citizens in the news process; the influence of social media; and the changing business models that will support news gathering. In the workshop, students will use a hands-on approach to delve deeply into information design, focusing on how to build a site, section or application from concept to development, ensuring the editorial goals are kept uppermost in mind.

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Graduates of this dual-degree program will be trained to become leaders in digital media production and innovation. Possible career paths include:

  • Online editor/manager of information technology at a large news organization
  • Data-mining expert for journalistic applications and investigative journalism
  • Entrepreneur/founder of media startup
  • Web designer for news site


Our Career Services staff will work closely with students to help them pursue the most meaningful jobs in the U.S. and abroad. Students meet with a Career Services counselor for one-on-one consultations throughout the year and may attend any of the dozens of job-hunting strategy sessions held at the university. The students in this program will have unparalleled access to thousands of alumni from both schools.


Anyone wishing to enroll in the dual degree must be admitted to the program from the outset. It is not permissible to begin in either the journalism or computer science program and transfer into the dual degree program.  To learn more, please visit Participation in this dual-degree program is contingent upon acceptance into both the Graduate School of Journalism and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. To apply to engineering, please click here, and follow the instructions to create a login and apply.

The program seeks applicants who have outstanding undergraduate records, including a background in computer science or extensive mathematics or engineering training, which includes preparation for the required computer science courses. Equally important, applicants should have excellent writing skills and be familiar with the fundamentals of reporting. Candidates must be curious about the world, eager to learn more about particular subject areas, determined and resourceful, and enthusiastic about exploring innovations in journalism.

Admissions Requirements

  • Official transcript(s)
  • Letters of recommendation (three)
  • GRE General Test (GRE subject tests are not required.)
  • TOEFL (International applicants for whom English is not their first language)
  • Autobiographical essay & professional essay
  • Resume/CV
  • Writing samples
  • Writing Test (Administered by the J-School)
  • Application fee: $100


Scholarships and Financial Aid
Columbia University offers financial assistance to students who demonstrate excellent academic achievement, financial need, and exceptional promise. We will work with each student to ease the cost of attendance through a combination of scholarships and need-based programs, including grants and federal and private loans.  


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