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Prospective Students

You seek a life that is fast-paced and exciting. You are curious, open-minded, and like to write. Your engagement with the world makes you determined to live on the front lines and make a difference. If journalism is your calling, answer it at Columbia.

A Degree From Columbia

· Tell great stories: Columbia journalism students learn to write, film and narrate the stories of our time, from deadline reporting to profile writing and documentary features.
· Make New York City your beat: we live and work in the media capital of the world. There is no better place to learn how to report on your feet, and to connect with the innovation that is shaping journalism’s future.
· Accelerate your career: in one school year, you'll develop skills that take years to build in the field, which will put you at the head of the pack.
· Be in demand: our students, guided by a high-level career services team, have excellent job placements. Upon graduation, you’ll join our alumni network of 11,000+ who include some of the most respected journalists in the world.

Journalism Fundamentals
A year at Columbia gives you access to continuous, close support and guidance from award-winning faculty. You will learn reporting skills and ethics that will prepare you for a lifetime in the profession. You will learn how data science, computational science and emergent technologies are creating new opportunities for next-generation journalists. And you will be challenged to think bravely about journalism’s enduring public purposes in diverse societies.


Choose Your Path
Do you want to be a broadcast journalist? 
Learn to report, shoot and edit stories from Professors Ann Cooper, June Cross, Betsy West, Bill Wheatley, and other award-winning network and documentary producers on our faculty.  MORE >

Do you want to be a data journalist? 
Led by Professors Emily Bell and Mark Hansen, Columbia Journalism’s curriculum is at the forefront of innovation, advancing connections among data science, new technology and journalistic practice. MORE >

Do you want to be an international reporter? 
Our degree programs offer diverse, deep classes in international reporting, from how to cover a conflict to how global media audiences are changing. MORE >

Do you want to be an investigative journalist? 
Apply to our renowned Stabile program for Investigative Journalism, run by Academic Dean Sheila Coronel, and learn from some of the best investigative journalists in the country. MORE >

Do you want to be a magazine writer? 
Learn the art of long-form narrative writing from faculty members Helen Benedict, Steve Coll, Nicholas Lemann, Michael Shapiro and others. MORE >

Are you an experienced journalist? 
Our M.A. program is for journalists with three to 15 years of experience who want to deepen their knowledge in one of four subject areas: politics, arts & culture, science, or business. MORE >

What can you do with a Columbia Journalism degree?
Our 11,000 graduates include leaders in newsrooms around the world, from The New York Times and ABC News, to Al Jazeera and the BBC. MORE >


Select the academic degree that interests you: