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Winning programs aired between July 1 and June 30 prior to the award year. Click on the titles below to view an excerpt of the program and other related media.

American Documentary – POV, Gail Dolgin & Robin Fryday, “The Barber of Birmingham: Foot Soldier of the Civil Rights Movement”, on PBS
CBS News, Newtown Tragedy Coverage
Center for Investigative Reporting, “Broken Shield”
ESPN, Outside the Lines: Youth Football Concerns
KMGH-TV, Denver & Keli Rabon, Colorado Rape Victims: Evidence Ignored, Justice Denied
KSHB 41 Action News, Kansas City, “Tragedy on the Plaza”
NBC News, “Devastation in Oklahoma”
Scott Thurman & Silver Lining Film Group, Magic Hour Entertainment, Naked Edge Films, “The Revisionaries” on Independent Lens
U. C. Berkeley IRP, CIR, FRONTLINE & UNIVISION, “Rape in the Fields/Violación de un Sueño”
WBEZ Chicago, This American Life: “Harper High School Parts 1 and 2”
WBZ-TV, Boston, Boston Marathon Bombings Coverage
WFAA-TV, Dallas & Byron Harris, “Denticaid: Medicaid Dental Abuse in Texas”
WVUE-TV, New Orleans & Lee Zurik, “Body of Evidence”
WYPR, Baltimore, “The Lines Between Us”
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North Carolina Public Radio/WUNC, Chapel Hill, “North Carolina Voices: Understanding Poverty”
PRI, WGBH-TV, Boston, and BBC World Service, “The World: The Global Race for Stem Cell Therapies”
The Kitchen Sisters, Jay Allison and NPR, “Hidden Kitchens”

Gold Baton
Gold Baton
Gold Baton 
Gold Baton
Gold Baton
SILVER BATON ABC News, "Nightline: The State vs. Simpson: The Verdict," "Nightline: Journey of a Country Doctor," "Nightline: Town Meeting: Thou Shall Not Kill"
GOLD BATON Brian Lapping Associates, "Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation" on The Discovery Channel and the BBC
SILVER BATON CBS News, "60 Minutes: Punishing Saddam," "60 Minutes: Too Good to be True"
SILVER BATON HBO, "America Undercover: High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell," and "The Celluloid Closet"
SILVER BATON KREM-TV, Spokane, Washington, "The Wenatchee Child Sex Ring"
SILVER BATON NBC News, "Dateline: Class Photo"
SILVER BATON Norman Corwin and Mary Beth Kirchner for "Fifty Years After 14 August" on NPR
SILVER BATON NPR and Anne Garrels for coverage of the former Soviet Union
SILVER BATON Public Broadcasting Service, "Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud"
SILVER BATON Radio Smithsonian for "Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was" on PRI
SILVER BATON WFAA-TV, Dallas, Texas, For investigate reporting
SILVER BATON WGBH, Frontline, "Shtetl" on PBS
Gold Baton
GOLD BATON ABC News, "World News Tonight: Coverage of Haiti by Linda Pattillo," "American Agenda: Women's Health Week," "Day One: Smoke Screen," "Turning Point: Inside the Struggle: The Amy "Biehl Story," "Peter Jennings Reporting: While America Watched--The Bosnia Tragedy"
SILVER BATON Blackside Inc., "The Great Depression" on PBS
SILVER BATON CBS News, "60 Minutes: Semipalatinsk"
SILVER BATON Charles Kuralt, for reporting on CBS News, "Sunday Morning"
SILVER BATON CNN, Coverage of the Moscow Uprising
SILVER BATON Michael Skoler and NPR for coverage of Rwanda
SILVER BATON NPR for coverage of South Africa
SILVER BATON PBS, "Frontline: Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo"
SILVER BATON Video Verite, "I am a Promise: The Children of Stanton Elementary School" on HBO
SILVER BATON WCCO-TV, Minneapolis, Minnesota "Missing the Beat"
SILVER BATON WGBH, "Frontline: Innocence Lost: The Verdict" on PBS
SILVER BATON Wisconsin Pubic Television, "My Promised Land: Bernice Cooper's Story"on PBS
SILVER BATON WTVS-TV, Detroit, Michigan "The Last Hit: Children and Violence"
SILVER BATON ABC News, "20/20: The Gift of Life"
SILVER BATON CNN, Coverage of Bosnia
SILVER BATON ETC Films, Barbara Kopple, "Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson" on NBC
GOLD BATON Fred Friendly, winner for his lifetime contribution to the ethics and practice of journalism
SILVER BATON KRON-TV, San Francisco, "In the Shadow of the Wall"
SILVER BATON M.W. Productions, KQED "Harry Bridges: A Man and His Union"
SILVER BATON PBS, "Move Over: Women and the '92 Campaign"
SILVER BATON PBS, "The Pacific Century"
SILVER BATON WBAI/Pacifica Radio for "Massacre: The Story of East Timor"
SILVER BATON WBFF-TV, Baltimore, Maryland, "Justice on Trial/The Lost Generation/Walking Wounded"
SILVER BATON WGBH-TV, Boston, Massachusetts, "Frontline," The Best Campaign Money Can Buy
SILVER BATON WPLG-TV, Miami, Florida, “Armed Enemies of Castro”
SILVER BATON WTVJ-TV, Miami, Florida The Coverage of Hurricane Andrew
SILVER BATON ABC News, "Nightline" Coverage of the Los Angeles Riots
SILVER BATON Bill Leonard, former producer at CBS News and director of the duPont Awards
SILVER BATON CBS News, "60 Minutes: Made in China"
SILVER BATON David Grubin Productions and KERA-TV, Dallas, Texas, "The American Experience: LBJ" on PBS
SILVER BATON HBO, "Abortion: Desperate Choices" (America Undercover)
SILVER BATON KCNC-TV, Denver, Colorado, "Erin's Life"
SILVER BATON KSTP-TV, St. Paul, Minnesota, "Who's Watching the Store"
SILVER BATON KTTV-TV, Los Angeles, California, "Cops on Trial: The Rodney King Case"
SILVER BATON Louisiana Public Broadcasting, Baton Rouge, Louisiana "Louisiana Boys"
SILVER BATON Lucky Duck Productions and Nickelodeon, "Nick News: W/5"
GOLD BATON National Public Radio, "All Things Considered," "Morning Edition," "Weekend Edition," Coverage of Clarence Thomas Nomination Hearings, Coverage of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots and Aftermath, Voices from the Backstairs, American Folklife Radio Project, and The Case Against Women: Sexism in the Court
SILVER BATON WCPO-TV, Cincinnati, Ohio, "Made in the USA?"
SILVER BATON WCVB-TV, Boston, Massachusetts, "Chronicle" and Environmental Reporting
SILVER BATON WGBH-TV, Boston, Massachusetts, "Frontline: Who Killed Adam Mann?"
SILVER BATON ABC News, Peter Jennings, "A Line in the Sand: War or Peace?", "World News Tonight: Children in Crisis" and "World News Tonight: War in the Gulf: Answering Children's Questions"
SILVER BATON CNN, Peter Arnett's Reports from Baghdad
SILVER BATON KBDI-TV, Denver, Colorado, Carolyn Hales, Tierra O Muerte: Land or Death
SILVER BATON KPIX-TV, San Francisco, Richard Saiz, California, "Wards of the State"
SILVER BATON KWWL-TV, Waterloo, Iowa, "Cloud of Concern"
SILVER BATON National Public Radio for coverage of the Gulf War
SILVER BATON PBS, Friends of Le Chambon, Pierre Sauvage, "Weapons of the Spirit"
SILVER BATON PBS, Frontline: High Crimes and Misdemeanors
GOLD BATON PBS, Public Affairs Television, Bill Moyers, "After the War," "The Home Front," "Beyond Hate," "Amazing Grace"
SILVER BATON WETA-TV and Florentine Films, Ken Burns, "The Civil War"
SILVER BATON WFAA-TV, Dallas, Texas, Coverage of the Gulf War
SILVER BATON WGBH-TV, Boston, Massachusetts, "Frontline: Innocence Lost"
SILVER BATON WTBS-TV, National Geographic Society, "Explorer: The Urban Gorilla"
SILVER BATON ABC News, "Peter Jennings Reporting: From the Killing Fields"
SILVER BATON Blackside Inc., "Eyes on the Prize II: America at the Racial Crossroads"
SILVER BATON CBS News, "CBS Evening News with Dan Rather" for human stories behind the fall of Communist governments
SILVER BATON Exit Films, Cambridge, Massachusetts, "Near Death"
SILVER BATON Helen Borten and National Public Radio for "Horizons: And Justice for All"
SILVER BATON KCBS-AM, San Francisco, California, for coverage of the earthquake
SILVER BATON KING-TV, Seattle, Washington, "Critical Choices: America's Health Care Crisis"
SILVER BATON KQED-TV, San Fransciso, California, Scott Pearson and Lewis Cohen, "Express: Shield for Abuse"
SILVER BATON NBC News, "NBC Nightly News: Tragedy at Pine Ridge"
SILVER BATON P.O.V. and WTVS-TV, "Who Killed Vincent Chin?
SILVER BATON WCBD-TV, Charleston, South Carolina, Coverage of Hurricane Hugo
GOLD BATON WGBH-TV and Martin Smith Productions, "Frontline: Inside Gorbachev's USSR with Hedrick Smith"
SILVER BATON WJLA-TV, Washington D.C., "NFL Drug Testing: Illegal Procedure"
SILVER BATON WKYC-TV, Cleveland, Ohio, Dick Feagler for nightly commentaries
SILVER BATON ABC News and Koppel Communications, "The Koppel Report: Tragedy at Tiananmen--The Untold Story"
SILVER BATON Byron Harris and WFAA-TV, Dallas, Texas, "Other People's Money"
SILVER BATON CBS, Television and Radio Coverage of China
SILVER BATON CNN, Coverage of China
 SILVER BATON Gardner Films and WETA, Washington, D.C., "Arab and Jew: Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land" on PBS
SILVER BATON KCET-TV, Los Angeles, California, "For the Sake of Appearances," and "Expecting Miracles"
SILVER BATON Kentucky Educational Television, "On Our Own Land"
SILVER BATON Maryland Public Television, Owings Mills, Maryland, "Other Faces of AIDS"
SILVER BATON National Public Radio, "AIDS and Black America: Breaking the Silence"
SILVER BATON WBRZ, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, "The Best Insurance Commissioner Money Can Buy"
SILVER BATON WJXT, Jacksonville, Florida, "Crack Crisis: A Cry for Action"
GOLD BATON WGBH and Frontline: "Remember My Lai," "The Spy Who Broke the Code," "Who Profits From Drugs?," "The Choice," and "Children of the Night"
SILVER BATON ABC News, "Nightline: In the Holy Land"
SILVER BATON CBS News, Coverage of the Persian Gulf by Alen Pizzey
GOLD BATON Gold Baton: CBS News, "60 Minutes"
SILVER BATON KING-TV, Seattle, Washington, "Looking for Lincoln"
SILVER BATON NBC News, "A Conversation with Mikhail Gorbachev"
SILVER BATON Nina Totenberg and National Public Radio, Coverage of the Supreme Court Nominations
SILVER BATON Public Affairs Television and Alvin H. Perlmutter, Inc., "Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers"
SILVER BATON WCAX-TV, Burlington, Vermont, "The Politics of Pollution"
SILVER BATON WCVB-TV, Needham, Massachusetts, "We the Jury"
SILVER BATON WSMV-TV, Nashville, TN, for investigative reporting by Erin Hayes
SILVER BATON WUSA-TV, Washington, D.C. "Thurgood Marshall: The Man"
SILVER BATON WWOR-TV, Secaucus, New Jersey, "For the I-Team"
SILVER BATON ABC News, "20/20: By His Father's Hand: The Zumwalkts"
GOLD BATON Blackside, Inc., Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years, 1954-1965
SILVER BATON CBS News, "48 Hours on Crack Street"
SILVER BATON Florence Films, "Huey Long"
SILVER BATON KMOV-TV, St. Louis, Missouri, "Sauget: City of Shame"
SILVER BATON NBC News, Robert Bazell, For Coverage of the AIDS epidemic
SILVER BATON Pam Zekman and WBBM-TV, Chicago, Illinois, For Investigative Reporting
SILVER BATON Roberta Baskin and WJLA-TV, Washington, D.C. For Investigative Reporting
SILVER BATON WCCO-TV, Minneapolis, Minnesota, For the I-Team
SILVER BATON WFAA-TV, Dallas, Texas, SMU Investigation
SILVER BATON WJXT-TV, Jacksonville, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, "Jacksonville's Roads: The Deadly Drive Home"
SILVER BATON WLAP Radio, Lexington, Kentucky, "Passing On the Secret of Sexual Abuse"
SILVER BATON WPLG-TV, Miami, Florida, "Florida: State of Neglect"
SILVER BATON ABC News with Ted Koppel, "45/85"
GOLD BATON CBS News, "CBS Reports: The Vanishing Family--Crisis in Black America"
SILVER BATON Chedd-Angier Production Company and The Documentary Consortium, "Frontline: Sue the Doctor? on PBS
SILVER BATON Drew Associates and PBS, "For Auction: An American Hero"
SILVER BATON KING-TV, Seattle, Washington, "Washington 2000"
SILVER BATON KTUL-TV, Tulsa, Oklahoma, "Tulsa's Golden Missionary"
SILVER BATON KYTV-TV, Springfield, Missouri, For outstanding reporting by Erin Hayes
SILVER BATON NBC News, Investigative Reporting on NBC Nightly News
SILVER BATON NBC Radio News, For coverage of the American raid on Tripoli
SILVER BATON WBZ-TV, Boston, Massachusetts, "Afghanistan: The Untold Story"
SILVER BATON WCBS-TV, New York, New York, "No Place to Call Home"
SILVER BATON WCCO-TV, Minneapolis, Minnesota, "State of Texas vs. Steven Lynn Fossum"
SILVER BATON WMAQ-TV, Chicago, Illinois, "Cicero: Community of Controversy"
GOLD BATON ABC News, "Nightline: South Africa"
SILVER BATON Cable News Network and IMAGO, Ltd., "Iran: In the Name of God"
SILVER BATON CBS News, "CBS Evening News: Afghanistan: Operation Blackout"
SILVER BATON Chris-Craft Television Productions and Churchill Films, "Down for the Count--an Inside Look at Boxing"
SILVER BATON Desert West News, Tuscon, Arizona, For a series of radio reports on the American Sanctuary Movement
SILVER BATON KNX Radio, Los Angeles, California, "Assignment 84/85"
SILVER BATON Nancy Montoya and KGUN-TV, Tuscon, Arizona, For outstanding reporting
SILVER BATON NBC News, "The Real 'Star Wars'--Defense in Space"
SILVER BATON WCAU-TV, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Coverage of the MOVE siege
SILVER BATON WCCO-TV, Minneapolis, Minnesota, "The Moore Report"
SILVER BATON WDVM-TV, Washington, DC, Investigation of Dr. Milan Vuitch
SILVER BATON WNET-TV, New York, New York, and PBS, "The Brain"
SILVER BATON ABC News, "Nightline"
SILVER BATON ABC News, "World News Tonight: US-USSR: A Balance of Powers"
SILVER BATON Brian Ross and Ira Silverman, Outstanding investigative reporting on NBC News
SILVER BATON CBS News, "60 Minutes: Lenell Geter's in Jail"
SILVER BATON KOSU Radio, Stillwater, Oklahoma, "Selling the Public Spectrum"
SILVER BATON KRON-TV, San Francisco, California, "Climate of Death"
SPECIAL INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION AWARD: Medvideo, Ltd. and Group W, "Whispering Hope: Unmasking the Mystery of Alzheimer's"
Special Independent Production Award: Quest Productions and PBS, "The First Fifty Years: Reflections on US-Soviet Relations"
SILVER BATON Suburban Cablevision, Avenel, New Jersey, "Right to Know: Hillside: A Desegregation Story"
SILVER BATON The Documentary Consortium and PBS “Frontline: Mind of a Murderer”
SILVER BATON WGBH-TV and PBS, Boston, Massachusetts, "Vietnam: A Television History"
SILVER BATON WJXT-TV, Jacksonville, Florida, "The Smell of Money"
SILVER BATON WJZ-TV, Baltimore, Maryland, "Baby Boom: The Pig in the Python"
SILVER BATON CBS News, "60 Minutes: Good Cop, Bad Cop; Honor Thy Children; and Go Park It in Tokyo"
SILVER BATON John Camp and WBRZ, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, For investigative reporting
SILVER BATON KCTS-TV, Seattle, Washington and Face to Face Productions, "Rape: Face to Face"
SILVER BATON KRON-TV, San Francisco, California, "The War Within"
SILVER BATON National Public Radio, "The Most Dangerous Game: Nuclear Face-off in Europe"
SILVER BATON NBC News, "News Overnight"
SILVER BATON Richard Threlkeld, Status Reports on "ABC World News Tonight"
SILVER BATON Terry Drinkwater, Cancer Reports on "CBS Evening News"
SILVER BATON WBBM-TV, Chicago, Illinois, "Killing Crime: A Police Cop-Out"
SILVER BATON WMAQ-TV, Chicago, Illinois, "Unit 5: The Chicago Police Investigations"
SILVER BATON WSMV-TV, Nashville, Tennessee, "Innocent Shame: The Legacy of Child Sexual Abuse"
SILVER BATON WTCN-TV, Minneapolis, Minnesota, "Herpes is Forever"
SILVER BATON ABC News, "Closeup: The Gene Merchants"
SILVER BATON ABC News, "Viewpont"
SILVER BATON CBS News, "CBS Reports: People Like Us"
SILVER BATON Chester Panzer and WJLA-TV, Washington DC, For Air Florida crash coverage
SILVER BATON Dallas Townsend and CBS Radio, "World News Round-Up"
SILVER BATON Gannett Broadcasting Group, "Epidemic! Why Your Kid is On Drugs"
SILVER BATON KAIT-TV, Jonesboro, Arkansas, "The Economics of Water"
SILVER BATON KMTV-TV, Omaha, Nebraska, "McClelland Care Facility"
SILVER BATON KNXT-TV, Los Angeles, California, for Investigative Reporting
SILVER BATON KSL-TV, Salt Lake City, Utah, For Probe Five investigating reporting
SILVER BATON SPECIAL INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION AWARD: Robert Richter and WNET-TV New York, New York "For Export Only: Pesticides and Pills"
SILVER BATON WMAQ-TV, Chicago, Illinois, "All the King's Horses"
SILVER BATON WPLG-TV, Miami, Florida, "Human Cargo"
SILVER BATON ABC News, "America Held Hostage: The Secret Negotiations"
SILVER BATON CBS News, Charles Kuralt, “Sunday Morning”
SILVER BATON CBS News, Dan Rather, "CBS REPORTS: The Defense of the United States"
SILVER BATON David Productions and ABC News, "CLOSEUP: Can't it Be Anyone Else?"
SILVER BATON KCTS-TV, Dr. Willard Gaylin, "Hard Choices"
SILVER BATON National Public Radio, "Father Cares: The Last of Jonestown"
SILVER BATON Robert Spencer and WTTW-TV, Chicago, Illinois, "Six O'clock and All's Well"
SILVER BATON SPECIAL INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION AWARD: KTEH-TV, San Jose, California and John Else, "The Day After Trinity"
SILVER BATON WBBM-TV, Chicago, Illinois, "Election Night Coverage"
SILVER BATON WCCO-TV, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dave Moore, The Moore Report
SILVER BATON WGBH-TV, Boston, Massachusetts, "WORLD"
SILVER BATON WPLG-TV, Miami, Florida, "The Billion Dollar Ghetto"
SILVER BATON ABC News, "The Iran Crisis: America Held Hostage"
SILVER BATON Ed Bradley and CBS News, "CBS Reports: Blacks in America: With All Deliberate Speed?"
SILVER BATON Group W and KYW-TV, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; WBZ-TV, Boston, Massachusetts; WJZ-TV, Baltimore Maryland for I-Team Investigations
SILVER BATON Mississippi Center for Educational Television, Jackson, Mississippi, "William Faulkner: A Life on Paper"
SILVER BATON National Public Radio, "All Things Considered" and "Morning Edition"
SILVER BATON Perry Miller Adato and WNET-TV, New York, New York, "Picasso: A Painter's Diary"
SILVER BATON Red Cloud Productions and WGBY-TV, Springfield, Massachusetts, "Joan Robinson: One Woman's Story"
SILVER BATON Roger Mudd and CBS News, “CBS Reports: Teddy
SILVER BATON Rueven Frank and NBC News, "White Paper: If Japan Can...Why Can't We?
SILVER BATON Special Independent Production Award: Carol Mon Pere, Sandra Nichols and KTEH-TV, San Jose, California "The Battle of Westlands
SILVER BATON Special Tribute: Walter Cronkite
SILVER BATON Walter Jacobson and WBBM-TV, Chicago, Illinois, "Perspectives"
SILVER BATON WLS-TV, Chicago, Illinois and Chicago Sun-Times, "The Accident Swindlers"
ABC News, "Closeup: Arson: Fire for Hire!" and "World News Tonight: Second to None?"
Bill Moyers, for outstanding reporting on CBS News and WNET-TV, New York
CBS News, "CBS Reports: The Boat People" and "60 Minutes"
KCTS-TV, Seattle, "Do I Look Like I Want to Die?"
KDFW-TV, Dallas, for investigative reporting
KUTV-TV, Salt Lake City, "Clouds of Doubt"
KXL Radio, Portland, "The Air Space -- How Safe?"
WGBH-TV, Boston, "WORLD: F-16: Sale of the Century" on PBS
WHA-TV, Madison, Catalyst Films and Wisconsin Educational Television Network, "An American Ism: Joe McCarthy"
Associated Press Radio, "The New South: Shade Behind the Sunbelt"
KOOL-TV, Phoenix, Burt Kennedy, “Water: Arizona's Most Precious Resource”
KPIX-TV, San Francisco, Robert Klein and Richard Hart, “Laser Con-Fusion”
National Geographic Society and WQED-TV, Pittsburgh, “The Living Sands of Namib”
NBC News, Robert Rogers and Garrick Utley, “NBC News Reports: Africa's Defiant White Tribe”
WBBM-TV, Chicago, Illinois, Gail Sikevitz, Scott Craig, Jim Hatfield, and Mort Crime for documentary reporting
WFAA-TV, Dallas, Texas, Byron Harris for investigative report
WGBH-FM, Boston, "Banned in Chelsea"
WGBH-TV, Boston and William Cran, “WORLD: Chachaji: My Poor Relation” and John Angier, “NOVA: The Final Frontier”
WMHT-TV, Schenectady, “Capital Punishment: Inside Albany”
WPLG-TV, Miami and Clarence Jones for investigative reporting
Special Award: Richard Salant
Group W and Paul Wilkes, “Six American Families”
KCET-TV, Los Angeles, “28 Tonight,”
KGW-TV, Portland, “The Timber Farmers”
NBC News, “Human Rights: A Soviet-American Debate” and “NBC Reports: The Struggle for Freedom”
Walter Cronkite and the “CBS Evening News”
WBBM-TV, Chicago, Scott Craig and Bill Kurtis, “Once a Priest”
WFAA-TV, Dallas “Clear and Present Danger”
WNET-TV, New York and WETA-TV, Washington D.C., “The MacNeil/Lehrer Report” for “Carter’s Energy Plan,” “Woodward-Bernstein: Frost Interview,” and “Korea and Congress: the Scandal So Far”
WNET-TV, New York “The Police Tapes”
No Awards
KNBC, Burbank, California, Don Harris, “Prision Gangs”
NBC Nightly News andTom Pettit for a seires on feeding the poor
NPR, All Things Considered
WBTV, Charlotte, for news and documentary programming 
WCCO, Minneapolis, Minnesota, David Moore, “Moore on Sunday”
WCCO-Radio, Minneapolis, for news and documentary programming
WGBH, Boston,  Roger Fisher, “Arabs and Israelis”
WHEC, Rochester and Warren Doremus, “The Riots Plus Ten Years”
WKYC, Cleveland and Brian Ross, “Teamster Power”
WPLG, Miami and Clarence Jones, for crime reporting
ABC News, Av Westin, "Close-Up"
CBS News, Don Hewitt, “60 Minutes”
KFWB Radio, Los Angeles, "SLA 54th Street Shootout"
KNXT, Los Angeles, “Why Me?”
NBC News, Fred Freed, “The Energy Crisis”
NBC News, Series of Reports on Feeding the Poor
National Public Affairs Center for Television, “Washington Week in Review”
National Public Affairs Center for Television, Watergate coverage
WNET-TV, New York and Frederick Wiseman, “Juvenile Court”
TVTV and WNET, New York and David Loxton, “The Lord of the Universe”
WKY-TV, Oklahoma City and Bob Dotson, “Through the Looking Glass Darkly”
WPVI-TV, Philadelphia, “Public Bridges and Private Riches”
ABC News and Arthur Holch, “Inquiry: Chile: Experiment in Red"
CBS News, Irv Drasnin, “CBS News Reports: You and the Commercial"
Group W, Dick Hubert and Rod MacLeish “And the Rich Shall Inherit the Earth"
KGW-TV, Portland, Oregon, Pete Maroney, "Death of a Slideshow"
KNX Radio, Los Angeles, California, for editorials on important community issues
NBC News and Robert Northshield, “The Sins of the Fathers”
National Public Affairs Center for Television and Elizabeth Drew, "Thirty Minutes With..."
WBBM-TV, Chicago, Illinois, Judy Muntz, Jim Hatfield, and Lee Phillip, "The Rape of Paulette"
WTIC-TV, Hartford, Connecticut, Jean Sablon and Bard Davis "The Nine-Year-Old in Norfolk Prison"
Mike Wallace for outstanding reporting on CBS News "60 Minutes"
CBS News, Perry Wolff, Robert Markowitz, and Charles Kuralt, "CBS Reports: ...But What If the Dream Comes True?”
Group W, Dick Hubert and Paul Altmeyer, “The Search for Quality Education”
KERA-TV, Dallas, for outstanding coverage of the 1972 political campaigns
National Public Affairs Center for Television, for coverage of the 1972 political campaigns 
NBC News and Fred Freed, “White Paper: The Blue Collar Trap”
WABC-TV, Richard Thruston Watkins, "Like It Is: Attica -- the Unanswered Questions"
WNET-TV, New York, and Tony Batten, “The 51st State: Youth Gangs in the South Bronx”
WNJT-TV, Trenton, New Jersey, Ken Stein and John Dimmer, “Towers of Frustration: Assignment: New Jersey”
WTVJ-TV, Miami, “The Swift Justice of Europe” and “A Seed of Hope”
CBS News, John Sharnik and Eric Sevareid, "Justice in America"
Group W, George Moynihan and Susan Garfield, “All The Kids Like That: Tommy’s Story”
KUTV, Salt Lake City, Richard Spratling, Diane Orr and Fred Edwards, "Warriors Without A Weapon"
NBC News, William B. Hill and Tom Pettit, “First Tuesday: The Man from Uncle (Sam)" and "The FBI”
NBC News, Martin Carr, “White Paper: This Child is Rated X”
WABC-TV, Geraldo Rivera, “Drug Crisis in East Harlem”
Kenneth A. Cox
CBS News, Ernest Leiser; Russ Bensley; John Laurence, “Charlie Company”
National Educational Television and Frederick Wiseman, “Hospital”
NBC News and Fred Freed, “White Paper: Pollution is a Matter of Choice”
WCCO-TV, Minneapolis, “Grunt's Little War”
WOOD-TV, Grand Rapids, Dick Cheverton and Herb Thurman, “Our Poisoned World”

Dr. Everett C. Parker
KNBC-TV, Los Angeles, California, “The Slow Guillotine”
KQED, San Francisco, for local coverage of teh 1968 political campaigns
National Educational Television and Public Broadcast Laboratory, “Defense and Domestic Needs: The Contest for Tomorrow”
NBC News, “First Tuesday: CBW (Chemical-Biological Warfare): The Secrets of Secrecy”
WRKL Radio, Mount Ivy-New City, NY for outstaning coverage of the 1968 political campaigns
WSB-TV, Atlanta, Georgia “Investigation of Organized Crime”
The duPont Awards arrived at Columbia University.
No Awards
No Awards
No Awards
Cecil Brown
KTWO-TV, Casper
WBBM-TV, Chicago
WCCO Radio, Minneapolis
WFMB-TV, Indianapolis
WHCU Radio
WRVR Radio, New York
WFTV, Orlando
WRCV-TV, Philadelphia
Louis M. Lyons 
WFBM Radio, Indianapolis
Howard K. Smith
KVOA-TV, Tucson
WFMT Radio, Chicago
Martin Agronsky 
KING-TV, Seattle
KPFK Radio, Los Angeles
Edward P. Morgan
KDKA-TV, Pittsburgh
WAVZ Radio, New Haven
David Schoenbrun
KOLN-TV, Lincoln
WNTA-TV, Newark
David Brinkley
KLZ-TV, Denver
WSNY Radio, Schenectady
Clifton Utley
KARD-TV, Wichita
KRON-TV, San Francisco
Chet Huntley
KNXT-TV, Los Angeles
WFMT Radio, Chicago
Howard K. Smith
WICC Radio, Bridgeport
WTIC Radio, Hartford
Eric Sevareid
KGAK Radio, Gallup
WHAS Radio, Louisville
Pauline Frederick
WBZ Radio and WBZ-TV, Boston
WOI-TV, Ames, Iowa
Gerald W. Johnson
WBNS-TV, Columbus
WMT Radio, Cedar Rapids
Joseph C. Harsch
WCAU Radio and WCAU-TV, Philadelphia
WEEI Radio, Boston
John Cameron Swayze
AVZ Radio, Hartford
WFIL-TV, Philadelphia
Morgan Beatty
WNOX Radio, Knoxville
WPIX-TV, New York
WWJ Radio, Detroit
Special Program Award: American Broadcasting Company and Association
Henry J. Taylor
KLZ Radio, Denver
WLS Radio, Chicago
Edward R. Murrow
WBBM Radio, Chicago
WFIL Radio, Philadelphia
Elmer Davis
WHO Radio, Des Moines
WFIL Radio, Philadelphia
Lowell Thomas
KDKA Radio, Pittsburgh
WNAX Radio, Yankton
H.V. Kaltenborn
WJR Radio, Detroit
WTAG Radio, Worcester
Raymond Gram Swing
WLW Radio, Cincinnati
WMAZ Radio, Macon
Fulton Lewis Jr.
KGEI Radio, San Francisco



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