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For Employers

Welcome to the Office of Career Services.

We're here to help you find the best journalists for your news organizations, whether you're looking for newcomers to the profession or seasoned journalists.

Career Expo 2015 is on Saturday, March 28, 2015.  Read about it and register here. 

Our Career Expo is the largest journalism job fair in the country. Be among the 250 newsroom professionals from around the world who come every year to meet, mentor and recruit our students. Last year, editors, producers and hiring managers from 147 media companies attended the Expo and we're expecting a similar capacity crowd in 2015. 

Services for Employers

Our automated JobNews Career Management Center gives you control over postings, sends you automatic emails when postings expire, and candidates can store materials like resumes, letters and applications online and more. Click "Post Job Openings" below for more information.

  • Post Job Openings: full time, part time and paid internships. For more information on our academic-year internship requirements, go here.

  • On-Campus Recruiting: schedule an individual recruiting visit to the J-school


Interviews Year Round

If you can't make it to the Expo, or if your post-graduate internship program deadlines pass before the Expo takes place, we welcome you to interview our students on campus at any time during the academic year. To set this up, please contact Izabela Rutkowski at

The Columbia program emphasizes academic disciplines, journalism skills, principles, ethics and issues. Digital media is also at the core of our students' curriculum. You'll meet and interview students specializing in newspaper, magazine, digital media and broadcast news, both radio and television. You will also meet mid-career students specializing in business, politics, health/science, and arts and culture reporting, and others who are studying investigative journalism, religion, education, national and foreign affairs and more.

Meet the Faculty

The outstanding faculty of the Columbia University Journalism School remains a principal strength of the school. Composed of professional journalists recognized for their accomplishments and well-attuned to the principles of the school, the faculty members are deeply committed to teaching.

Full Time Faculty Bios and contact information

American Public Media recruiter listens to student sound clip.




Learn About Our Programs

The full-time and part-time programs leading to the Master of Science in journalism build upon the student's already strong background in liberal arts, business, law and several other disciplines. The purpose is not simply to train candidates for the first or next job in the field, but to educate them for significant careers. Applicants who have substantial experience as working journalists and who do not seek to concentrate in professional courses may be considered for the Master of Arts Program, concentrating in politics, business & economy, science, or arts & culture. A Doctor of Philosophy degree in Communications is administered by the school in cooperation with various other university departments and divisions, including Political Science, Sociology, and the Business School.

Contact Us

Julie Hartenstein
Associate Dean
Specializes in: broadcast, video and digital production 
Room 2M07A, Journalism

Gina Boubion
Associate Director
Specializes in: magazines & newspapers
Room 2M07B, Journalism

Anusha Shrivastava
Assistant Director
Specializes in: business reporting, newswires and newspapers
Room 2M07C, Journalism

Elena Cabral
Director Part-time Program/Career Services
Specializes in: newspapers & digital journalism
Room 207B, Journalism

Izabela Rutkowski
Program Coordinator
Room 2M07D, Journalism

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