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Foreign Press Organizations

Committee to Protect Journalists

Foreign correspondents can contact this organization in emergencies or to learn about risks in specific countries. CPJ investigates attacks on journalists.

Foreign Correspondents' Association

Promotes the professional interests of journalists working in Australia and the South Pacific, as well as Australians working in other countries. Other organizations that use the FCA name but are not necessarily affiliated with one another are in east Africa, Singapore, the Philippines, and South Africa. Sweden has the Professional Foreign Correspondents Association.

Foreign Correspondents Clubs

A group of clubs for foreign journalists in several Asian countries. The best known one is located in Hong Kong. Clubs are also located in China (Beijing and Shanghai), India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. You may also find references to a club in Cambodia, but this is actually a restaurant group that is no longer associated with journalists. (See the entry for the Overseas Press Club.)

Foreign Press Associations

The best-known organizations that go by this name are based in Jerusalem, London and New York. However, many other countries have similar organizations that go by the FPA name. These organizations may or may not be affiliated with one another. Countries with FPAs include Austria, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

International Association of Press Clubs

Founded in 2002, it has about 20 member press clubs around the world. The association itself is based in Dubai, but about half of all member organizations are in Europe. The association's website includes contact information for all of its member groups.

International Center for Journalists

Offers training to journalists around the world. Also operates the International Journalists' Network, whose mission is to connect media professionals who are trying to raise journalistic standards in the countries where they work.

International Federation of Journalists

Supports journalists, press freedom and safety, and international trade unions.

International Press Institute

Dedicated to protecting press freedom around the world. Based in Austria and affiliated with the South East Europe Media Organisation.

Overseas Press Club of America

Active members of the Overseas Press Club may be foreign journalists working in the United States or U.S. journalists working abroad. Associate memberships are available to non-working journalists as well as other working professionals, like public information officers. The OPC has an extensive list of other press clubs around the world where its members are welcome. There is also an Overseas Press Club of Cambodia. The group was once a Foreign Correspondents Club, but renamed itself after a restaurant group trademarked the FCC name. The OPC of Cambodia holds regular meetings and its website has great resources, including English-speaking press contacts and advice on things like health care and how to get press passes.

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