Columbia Journalism School

Cross Registration Spring 2012

Registration Information for Non-Journalism Students

Graduate students from other Columbia Divisions/Schools looking to register for Spring 2012 classes at the Journalism School must follow the steps outlined below. The spring semester officially begins Thursday, January 19th. All classes listed below are 3 point electives. 

Cross-registration will be open on Wednesday, January 11, at 10am and it will close Friday, January 27, at 10am.

Class Offerings for the Spring 2012 Term:

   1. Art and Science of the Interview: Nicholas Lemann

   2. Basic Photojournalism: John Smock

   3. Communications Capitalism and the State: Richard John & Anya Schiffrin

   4. Communications, Knowledge and Power I: Richard John

   5. Covering Conflict: Judith Matloff

   6. Cultural Affairs Reporting and Writing - Troy Patterson

   7. Digital Newsroom for Non-Concentrators: Kenan Davis

   8. Feature Writing: Karen Stabiner

   9. History of American Photojournalism and Documentary Film: Andie Tucher

  10. Investigating Health Care: Charles Orenstein

  11. Making the Business of Journalism Work: Ava Seave

  12. Managing Broadcast Newsrooms in the Digital Age: David McCormick & Lloyd Siegel

  13. Narrative Writing: Kevin Coyne

  14. News Editing: Addie Rimmer

  15. Opinion Writing: Seth Lipsky

  16. Radio Documentary: The Art of Narrative Storytelling: Joe Richman

  17. Sports Journalism: Sandy Padwe

  18. Stabile Investigative Techniques: Maurice Tamman

  19. Video Profiles: Betsy Rate

  20. Visual Narrative: Paul Cheung

Course Descriptions:

For the most part, spots in J-School classes are assigned to non-Journalism graduate students on a space available basis (with top priority given to IMC SIPA students).

To request cross registration in a Journalism School course, please complete the form at

The form will be active as of Wednesday, Jaunary 11, at 10am.

Please note that this is only a REQUEST and we cannot guarantee your request will be accommodated.

Cross registration request forms are processed on a first come, first served basis.

If your form is submitted correctly you will receive a request confirmation e-mail within 24 hours. Please remember to include the after your UNI.

You will NOT receive an e-mail from my office saying that your request was granted or not granted.

To learn if your request was granted, you must keep checking your class schedule on the web using All requests remain on file during the cross registration period (January 11 - January 27 at 10:00 a.m.).

You do not need to submit multiple forms for the same cross registration request. If I am able to grant requests I do it as soon as possible but sometimes it takes days for a space to open in a class. Sometimes the space never opens up.

Please remember that you are submitting a cross registration REQUEST. There is no guarantee that I will be able to approve your request. Until you see a change reflected on your class schedule on STUDENT SERVICES ONLINE (, your request has not been approved.

If you have more than one course for which you want to be considered, please submit a separate form for each class.

Also, please be certain that you are not requesting a class that conflicts with any of your other classes.

Direct any questions to Melanie Huff at



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