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Training Programs

Columbia Journalism School's Continuing Education Program offers innovative professional development courses, building journalists' cutting-edge skills in digital design/multimedia storytelling, investigative reporting, reporting on crisis and conflict, and more.

These non-degree courses--all intensive "deep dives" led by Columbia faculty--can be taken individually, or taken as a series at a reduced tuition (email for more details).

Language: Unless otherwise noted, all courses are conducted in English. The TOEFL examination is not required, but participants must be comfortable writing and speaking in English.

Tuition: Tuition cost varies by course. Participants should query employers about tuition reimbursement eligibility. 

Academic Credit: All courses are non-credit bearing.

Register now for Spring 2015 Columbia Journalism course offerings:

Digital Video Journalism, Social Media, and Innovation

Investigative Reporting

Over three weeks, journalists examine what investigative journalism is how to do such stories. Training involves recognizing when to pursue a major project, basics for launching a story, testing the hypothesis throughout the investigation, and techniques to use in starting and completing the projecrt. Faculty lead discussions on cross-border investigations, following money trails internationally and legal issues that journalists face as web content is viewable worldwide.

Reporting Safely in Conflict Zones workshop

  • This intensive four-day program is designed to prepare journalists, especially independent freelancers, to think critically about how to work effectively and safely in volatile situations such as war/conflict or disaster zones, with emphasis on assessment of risk and the prevention of harm. (Thursday to Sunday April 16-19)

Meet our Faculty and Staff:

Bruce Shapiro, Senior Executive Director for Professional Programs and Executive Director, Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma

Ernest R. Sotomayor, Dean of Student Affairs

Sheila Coronel, Dean of Academic Affairs

Nina Berman, Social Media Innovations

Sarah Cohen, Data Reporting

Jon Lowenstein, Social Media Innovations

Jeff Kelly Lowenstein, Social Media Innovations

Judith Matloff, Reporting Safely in Crisis Zones

Giannina Segnini, Data Reporting 

Duy Linh Tu, Video Reporting/ Digital Media


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To receive notifications about upcoming workshops and events, write to with “Continuing Education” in the subject line.

Professional Fellowships

In addition, Columbia Journalism School has strong affiliation with, or directly administers, several prestigious professional fellowships and programs, including:

Punch Sulzberger Program
Dart Center and Dart Center Fellowships
Professional Reporting Fellowships

Publishing Course

For over 60 years, the Columbia Publishing Course has been training young men and women for careers as editors, literary agents, publishers, designers, publicists and more. Graduates can be found in every kind of job, at major magazines and publishing houses across the nation.

Learn more about Publishing Course dates and applications.


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