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Raise your game with the Columbia Journalism School. Our professional education courses offer immersive, specialized training for non-degree students and meet Columbia's rigorous standards. Invest one week, two weeks, or three weeks and more in your future.

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Executive Education courses at Columbia Journalism teach core leadership skills in management and thought leadership within the context of a fast-paced news organization. Let us help you and your staff to broaden your vision, reach new audiences, develop resilient strategies and affect lasting change.

The Punch Sulzberger Executive Leadership Program immerses high-ranking news executives in the use of strategy, innovation, marketing, demographics, journalism values, and other approaches to help resolve challenges confronting their organizations and create long-term performance and change within their organizations. Learn more >>

Find Out Why Data is Changing Journalism

We teach you how to investigate the story that you want to tell with skills for the era of Big Data.

The Lede is an intensive, post-bac certification program to equip journalists and storytellers of all kinds with the computational skills needed to turn data into narrative. The program offers an intensive 14-week summer bootcamp in data and computation, or a comprehensive two-semester program for students interested in pursuing more advanced work. No prior experience with coding, data, or computation is necessary: we start from square one. Learn more >>

Computation as Journalism (for credit) will be offered for the first time in summer 2016 to Columbia College students and undergraduates at affiliated schools at Columbia University through the School of Professional Studies. This course teaches data, code and algorithms to open new lines of journalistic inquiry and new ways of telling stories about the world around us. Students are eligible to earn three points toward their undergraduate degrees. Learn more >>

Start a Career in Publishing

The Columbia Publishing Course is widely regarded as the best preparatory course for recent college graduates who want a career in book, magazine or digital publishing. For 68 years this 6-week course has been educating the industry's leaders who come back to lecture and go on to recruit from CPC's ranks.

The newly created Columbia Publishing Course at Exeter College, Oxford will have its inaugural term in September of 2016. Fully focused on book publishing, the 4-week course is designed after its New York counterpart, but will focus on the British publishing world and is particularly recommended for UK and EU citizens. New York | United Kingdom

Tell Your Stories through Video

Visual elements inform a story and engage an audience in powerful ways. Learn how to conceive and craft a compelling video story.

Introduction to Video Storytelling (for credit) is offered for the first time in summer 2016 to Columbia College students and undergraduates at affiliated schools at Columbia University through the School of Professional Studies. Students learn to think critically about what makes for a good video story--what makes it newsworthy, what makes video the proper medium for conveying that story--and how to execute using the latest technology. Students are eligible to earn three points towards their undergraduate degrees. Students interested in continuing their study may opt for a noncredit three-week immersive workshop that will immediately follow this course. Learn more >>

The Columbia Journalism Video Workshop is a three-week course that teaches the essentials of conceiving, researching, and reporting a story through video, oriented to recent college graduates and rising seniors. Students learn how to use and handle a camera, how to properly frame and light a subject or scene, how to structure a story, and how to use post-production software. Students learn from our faculty and from industry leaders, visit media labs and newsrooms, and have their work professionally critiqued. No prior experience or course work is required, but Columbia University undergraduates may elect to take a three-credit video storytelling course that precedes this noncredit workshop. Learn more >>

Write the New York Arts and Culture Experience

Spend your summer immersed in New York City, the media and culture capital of the world as part of Columbia Journalism School's Arts & Culture Writing Workshop. Study how arts and culture journalists report on the world of theater, art, dance, music, and food with opportunities to meet the choreographers, curators, producers, designers, and artists who make New York's culture vibrant. Go behind the scenes and learn to write about the arts from an informed vantage point. This course is offered for undergraduate credit to students of Columbia College and affiliated schools. Learn more >>

Summer Programs

Summer at Columbia Journalism School is an opportunity for current undergraduates and recent graduates to explore their passions and develop the skills necessary for a rewarding career, and for working professionals to study with exceptional faculty. Spend the summer taking a deep-dive into video storytelling, publishing, investigative reporting, or data.

Custom Training

Columbia Journalism School custom training for news organizations focuses on the tools and techniques necessary to remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace and engage audiences in new and innovative ways.

We recognize that every organization is unique. Our custom training programs are designed specifically for your organization, with your staff, resources, and well-defined objectives in-mind.

For more information, please contact Assistant Director Kate Kennedy at or 212.854.0260


Select the academic degree that interests you:
  • Master of Science in Journalism

    Study the skills and principles of journalism using words, data, images and sound. Full or part-time.

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  • Master of Arts in Journalism

    Go deeper: Arts & Culture, Science, Politics or Business training for experienced journalists.

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  • Ph.D. in Communications

    Take the lead with a multi-disciplinary approach to Communications.

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  • Dual Degree: Journalism & Computer Science

    Apply computer science, engineering and related skills in a digital news environment.

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  • Lede Program

    Intensive, post-bac certification program turning data into narrative.

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