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Representatives from the Office of Admissions attend graduate school fairs and conferences throughout the year. We hope to see you there!

Please check back often for updates.

Date / Event / Location

April 25, Alpha Phi Alpha Eastern Conference Graduate Fair, Baltimore, MD

April 26, California Diversity Forum, Pomona, CA

July 10, Native American Journalists Association Conference, Santa Clara, CA

July 30, National Association of Black Journalists Convention, Boston, MA

August 7, National Association of Hispanic Journalists Conference, San Antonio, TX

August 13, Asian American Journalists Association Conference, Washington, DC

August 21, National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association Conference, Chicago, IL

September 4, Society of Professional Journalists and Radio & Television Digital News Association Conference, Nashville, TN

September 22, New York Idealist Graduate Fair, New York, NY

September 23, Philadelphia Idealist Graduate Fair, Philadelphia, PA

September 25, Online News Association Conference, Chicago, IL

September 29, Boston Idealist Graduate Fair, Boston, MA

October 20, Miami (Coral Gables) Idealist Graduate Fair, Coral Gables, FL

October 23, Chicago Idealist Graduate Fair, Chicago, IL

October 28, Washington DC Idealist Graduate Fair, Washington, DC

October 29, Baltimore Idealist Graduate Fair, Baltimore, MD

November 3, Seattle Idealist Graduate Fair, Seattle, WA

November 4, Portland Idealist Graduate Fair, Portland, OR

November 6, San Francisco Idealist Graduate Fair, San Francisco, CA

November 10, Los Angeles Idealist Graduate Fair, Los Angeles, CA

November 12, San Diego Idealist Graduate Fair, San Diego, CA

November 13, Bennett College Graduate & Professional Fair, Greensboro, NC



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