Columbia Journalism School

Cost of Attendance: M.A.

The cost of attendance includes two sets of expenses: University charges and living expenses.

University charges include tuition and all fees billed through the University; while living expenses are all personal expenses, including rent and transportation.

University Charges

The Journalism School tuition schedule, set by the University, is: Students taking 1 to 11½ credits in a semester are charged on a per-credit basis; students taking 12 to 19 credits are charged that semester's full-time tuition fee; and students taking more than 19 credits in a semester are charged that semester's full-time fee plus the per-credit fee for each credit over 19. 

Below are estimated tuition and fees for the M.A. program for academic year 2014-15:

M.A. (9 months)





Health Service Fee



Standard Medical Insurance



University Fees



Transcript Fee (one-time)



Technology Fee (one-time)



Enrollment Fee (nonrefundable)







Including living expenses (rent, utilities, food, travel, personal) of $25,647, the full-time student budget is estimated at $81,144.


Student Fees

Transcript Fee
There is a one-time payment for transcripts. This allows you to get as many transcripts as you want sent from the Registrar's Office without further cost.

Medical Insurance Fee
Payment for those enrolled in the Student Insurance plan.

Medical Services Fee
A mandatory fee for access to the University Health Service Center.

University Facility Fee
Overall fee for use of its facilities, including the library and gym.

Technology Fee
One-time fee for all of the technical services at the school.

Application Fee
One-time nonrefundable fee for your application; not applied towards your tuition.

Enrollment Fee
One-time nonrefundable fee to secure place in the class; not applied towards your tuition.

Given that personal expenses may vary from the above, the school recommends students keep track of actual costs and income to periodically assess their financial situations.  The financial planner helps calculate actual costs. When estimating costs and resources, multiply the amount by the number of terms you will register for, to calculate total amount needed. 


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