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June Cross

June Cross

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Assistant Professor of Journalism Emmy Award and duPont-Columbia Award winner; Documentary producer; author

I've watched with sadness as the television news industry has buckled beneath the forces of corporatization. I came to the Journalism School because I wanted to train a guerilla army of journalists who would undermine celebrity-driven and shallow news stories. To me, the students represent the world. They are committed and smart, and watching them grow from greenhorns to competent reporters every year is one of the joys of the job.

Although I'm often described as a filmmaker, I consider myself first and foremost a journalist, and I approach documentary with the reporter's eye. The wonderful thing about journalism is that you have a license to spend your entire professional career learning about things you never dreamed even existed. The challenge, especially now that so much information is subject to privacy laws or security concerns, is how to access that information and analyze it accurately.

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