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Gary Weiss

Gary Weiss

Adjunct Faculty

Gary Weiss, is a veteran investigative journalist and author.

He was for many years a writer at BusinessWeek magazine, where he produced award-winning cover stories exposing stock fraud and organized crime infiltration of Wall Street firms. More recently he has been a contributing editor for Condé Nast Portfolio, and a regular weekly columnist for Salon and

He is the author of "Born to Steal," a narrative account of the Mafia on Wall Street (Grand Central, 2003) and "Wall Street Versus America" (Portfolio, 2006), an account of the myriad ways in which the financial services industry exploits the public.

His latest book is Ayn Rand Nation: The Hidden Struggle for America's Soul, (St. Martin's, Feb. 28, 2012), which describes the pervasive influence of Rand's philosophy on U.S. society.

Follow him on Twitter @gary_weiss.

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