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Marguerite Holloway '88

Marguerite Holloway '88

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Assistant Professor and Director, Science and Environmental Journalism Contributing editor, Scientific American

I came to the Journalism School with a background in comparative literature, and the M.S. program was very challenging and difficult for me. But while I was here, I discovered that I loved writing about science and the environment. Since graduating, I have written widely on public health, neuroscience, and various environmental issues. I returned to school in the late 1990s to teach. It has been really exciting for me to have the opportunity to play a role in creating the M.A. program and to think through what a science journalism program should be. The M.A. teaches students how to think critically about science and how to understand the scientific process so they can learn ways of approaching complex fields such as physics.

We strongly believe that students are better equipped to understand science once they learn about its history and are able to contextualize discoveries within the incremental nature of the acquisition of scientific knowledge. Columbia is a great place for this, partly because there are so many great researchers and institutions in the New York City area. And the students have proven to be phenomenal.

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